Berry Clean Sweet Pea Soap: Silky Smooth Indulgence
Berry Clean Sweet Pea Soap: Silky Smooth Indulgence
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Berry Clean Sweet Pea Soap: Silky Smooth Indulgence



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Introducing the Berry Clean Sweet Pea Soap, a handcrafted delight that marries the luxurious moisturizing qualities of Shea butter with the enchanting aroma of sweet pea. This cold process soap not only cleanses but also naturally moisturizes your skin thanks to its natural glycerin content, leaving your skin feeling renewed, relaxed, and replenished. The creamy lather and medium-sized bubbles ensure a silky smooth finish, making every shower or bath a more enjoyable experience.


  • Sweet Pea Fragrance: Infused with sweet pea fragrance oils for a delicate and refreshing aroma that delights the senses.
  • No Added Preservatives: Keeps the formula clean and simple, focusing on natural benefits.
  • Handmade in Small Batches: Ensures each bar of soap is crafted with attention to detail and quality.
  • Rich Oils for Skin Health: Coconut oil for cleansing, olive oil for moisturizing and antibacterial properties, and soybean oil for a vitamin E boost.
  • Skin Safe Mica Coloring: Adds a beautiful hue to the soap, making it as pleasing to the eye as it is to the skin.


  • Height: 3.5″, Width: 2.5″, Thick: 1″, Net Weight: 4oz.


Soybean, Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, color oxide, sweet pea fragrance oil, water, skin safe glitter


The Berry Clean Sweet Pea Soap is perfect for those who appreciate the art of soap making and the benefits of using products made with quality ingredients. Whether it’s the start of a busy day or the end of a long one, this soap is your go-to for a cleansing experience that leaves your skin feeling soft, moisturized, and beautifully scented. Elevate your daily routine with this sweet pea-scented soap and embrace the joy of a clean, refreshing, and indulgent bath time.

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