Buck Ridge - Relaxing Vegan Lavender
Buck Ridge – Relaxing Vegan Lavender
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Buck Ridge – Relaxing Vegan Lavender



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Ready to make your soap vegan? Buck Ridge makes the switch easy and brings you Relaxing Vegan Lavender! This handmade soap contains the ingredient known to help calm and relax, none other than lavender.

But that’s not all, shea butter is another active ingredient in this product, so when you use it, you will be uniquely moisturizing your skin. Your skin will be soft and silky smooth from the first use!

However, this Relaxing Vegan Lavender Handmade soap has other exclusive benefits that you will enjoy from the moment you start using it:

  • Helps soothe sunburned skin or effects from stings.

  • Relieves acne breakouts.

  • Helps soothe psoriasis.

  • Controls the sebum produced in the skin helping to control oiliness.

This soap is natural, organic, and vegan. It was made in the USA and does not contain any animal products and has not been tested on animals.


Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Lavender Essential Oil, Ultramarine Pigment.

How to use:

  • Remove soap from packaging and wet before use.

  • Rub the soap over the parts of your body where you want to use it.

  • Remove the product with water until you see that it is completely gone.

  • Finish by applying some moisturizer.