Butter Me Up Organics: Essential Oil Blend with Crystals Frankincense - LIMITED EDITION - Enrich Your Spirituality
Butter Me Up Organics: Essential Oil Blend with Crystals Frankincense – LIMITED EDITION – Enrich Your Spirituality

Butter Me Up Organics: Essential Oil Blend with Crystals Frankincense – LIMITED EDITION – Enrich Your Spirituality


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Immerse yourself in the serene embrace of our Limited Edition Essential Oil Blend with Crystals Frankincense, a meticulously crafted potion for those seeking a deeper connection with their spiritual practices. Discovered during a soulful journey to Napa, each blend is a testament to nature’s wonder, featuring quartz and agate crystals, frankincense resin, Palo Santo wood, and hibiscus flowers. Designed to ground and align your energies, this blend is a conduit to tranquility and heightened spiritual awareness.

Features & Benefits:

  • Crystal Harmony: Each bottle contains quartz and agate, crystals celebrated for their grounding and clarifying properties, promoting a deep sense of peace.
  • Sacred Ingredients: Infused with frankincense resin and Palo Santo wood, this blend carries centuries of spiritual significance, aiding in purifying your aura and enhancing meditative practices.
  • Organic Jojoba Oil: The organic jojoba oil base ensures a gentle, absorbent application, allowing the therapeutic properties to penetrate deeply and effectively.
  • Hibiscus Flower Touch: Known for their calming effects, hibiscus flowers add a layer of serenity, making each application a ritual in itself.
  • Spiritual Design: Crafted with your spiritual journey in mind, this blend supports various practices and beliefs, serving as a universal partner in your quest for peace.

Usage Guide:

For an immersive experience, roll the Essential Oil Blend gently over your pressure points, inhale deeply, and let the natural aromas envelop your senses. Use it during meditation, yoga, or at any moment when you seek grounding and calm.

Brand Information:

At Butter Me Up Organics, we hold your well-being as our highest creed. Our pledge is to offer products that are as nurturing to your skin as they are safe for your body. We advocate for a “Don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put in it.” philosophy, ensuring that every ingredient we use is non-toxic and premium. Embrace our commitment to a zero-waste, cruelty-free, all-natural, and completely organic lifestyle.

Other Info:

  • Ethical Standards: We’re a completely cruelty-free, zero-waste company, ensuring our products and practices are kind to both your skin and the environment.
  • Safety and Quality: Our formulations are free from sulfates, phthalates, parabens, synthetic dyes, and fragrances, guaranteeing a pure, safe, organic and completely all-natural experience.
  • Sustainable Packaging: We strive to upcycle packaging whenever possible, reflecting our dedication to a healthier planet.
  • Made with Love: Every product is a labor of love, crafted with the utmost care and affection.


While each ingredient is FDA approved, this product itself is not. It’s not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should not replace the advice of a physician.


Elevate your spiritual routine with our Essential Oil Blend with Crystals Frankincense. Allow this unique concoction to guide you to a place of peace and grounding.

Order now and embark on a journey of spiritual rejuvenation and harmony.