Butter Me Up Organics: Sea Salt Hair Spray - Pink Himalayan Salt with Jasmine and Rose
Butter Me Up Organics: Sea Salt Hair Spray – Pink Himalayan Salt with Jasmine and Rose

Butter Me Up Organics: Sea Salt Hair Spray – Pink Himalayan Salt with Jasmine and Rose



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Elevate your hair game with our enchanting Sea Salt Hair Spray, infused with Pink Himalayan Salt and the alluring scents of Jasmine and Rose. Perfect for creating effortlessly tousled waves, this spray offers the body and texture of a commercial product minus the harmful chemicals. Its captivating fragrance will leave people wondering about your exquisite perfume, while your locks stay fiercely styled.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: For natural waves and body.
  • Organic Vegetable Glycerin: Adds hydration and a healthy sheen.
  • Jasmine and Rose Essential Oils: Provides a mesmerizing aroma.
  • Chemical-Free: Organic, Non-GMO, Free from sulfates, phthalates, parabens, synthetic dyes, and fragrances.
  • Eco-Conscious Packaging: Contained in an 8oz. glass bottle with a fine mister spray top, supporting a zero-waste philosophy. Recycled paper labels with soy-based inks and upcycled mailing materials.
  • Completely Cruelty Free: Ethically created.
  • Everything is crafted with love and care, reflecting our commitment to ethical and natural beauty solutions. ♥

Customer Review:

Oh my gosh I just love how this leaves me hair looking absolutely effortless and natural! Definitely keeping it in my arsenal! Love the way it smells too!

Usage Guide:

Spray onto damp or dry hair, scrunch with your fingers, and let air dry for natural, wavy texture. For more volume, spray at the roots and blow-dry. Shake well before each use to blend the natural ingredients.


8oz. in a glass bottle with a fine mist sprayer.


Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Rose EO, Jojoba Oil, Jasmine EO.

***This product has not been approved by the FDA though the individual ingredients have. This is not intended to replace the advice of a physician nor is it intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Brand Information:

Butter Me Up Organics stands by the creed that your skin’s health is as crucial as any other organ. Emphasizing the use of non-toxic, edible ingredients, their products are organic, non-GMO, and completely cruelty-free.

“Don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put in it.”

They are committed to environmental responsibility, using recycled paper for labels, soy-based inks, and striving for zero waste through upcycled mailing packaging.


Transform your hair into a luscious, wavy masterpiece with our Sea Salt Hair Spray. Indulge in the natural elegance it brings, coupled with an irresistible scent that will turn heads. Embrace the organic, chemical-free way to stunning hair – get your bottle today and bask in the compliments that follow!

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