Made Simple Skin Care: Certified Organic Chamomile Lime Face Toner - Gentle Hydration for Dry Skin
Made Simple Skin Care: Certified Organic Chamomile Lime Face Toner – Gentle Hydration for Dry Skin

Made Simple Skin Care: Certified Organic Chamomile Lime Face Toner – Gentle Hydration for Dry Skin


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Embrace the soothing touch of Made Simple Skin Care’s Certified Organic Chamomile Lime Face Toner, specially formulated for dry skin. This pure, highly concentrated blend marries the calming properties of Chamomile with the refreshing essence of Lime, offering a unique skincare experience. Handcrafted in Massachusetts in small batches, this toner is made with 100% natural and USDA certified organic, food-grade ingredients, ensuring a commitment to raw, vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free practices.

Features & Benefits:

  • Calming Chamomile: Renowned for its soothing and relaxing properties, Chamomile is ideal for calming dry, irritated skin.
  • Uplifting Lime Scent: The sweet and invigorating aroma of Lime essential oil provides an uplifting experience.
  • Witch Hazel Benefits: A natural astringent, Witch Hazel cleanses and rebalances the skin, perfect for addressing dehydration and irritation.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Presented in a recyclable, reusable, and returnable glass bottle, supporting environmental sustainability and reducing plastic waste. It is hand-crafted in small batches in Massachusetts.
  • Pure and Natural: This product is a pure and highly concentrated, free from added water, fillers, parabens, and harmful chemicals, focusing on the health and wellbeing of both your skin and the planet. Made with 100% natural and USDA certified organic food-grade ingredients.
  • Every ingredient is raw, vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free, adhering to the highest standards of organic certification.
  • For Dry Skin.


  • 2 oz. bottle, designed for efficient and environmentally conscious use.

Customer Review:

I love this spray toner. It is refreshing and gentle on my skin. It is perfect for hot summer months!


  • Chamomile hydrosol, Witch Hazel, Lime essential oil

ALL ingredients are USDA Certified Organic, Raw, Vegan, Non-GMO and Cruelty Free

Brand Information:

Made Simple Skin Care is built on the philosophy that personal care is synonymous with caring for the planet. We specialize in high-quality, natural skin and oral care products that are luxurious, sustainable, and crafted with the wellbeing of our customers and the earth in mind. Our commitment to using healthy, USDA-certified organic ingredients ensures cruelty-free, vegan, and non-GMO products.


The Certified Organic Chamomile Lime Face Toner offers a gentle yet effective solution for those with dry skin, combining the soothing power of Chamomile with the refreshing zest of Lime. Indulge in this luxurious, eco-friendly toner and feel the difference as it nurtures and revitalizes your skin, enhancing your natural beauty while respecting the environment.