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We all like to look different sometimes and to achieve that, we use makeup. The downside of this is that we use brands without knowing much of their history. And we end up applying products on our skin that are not cruelty-free, not vegan, and are full of chemicals, and ingredients harmful to our skin.

The good part is that you can change this. The rise of vegan cosmetics is here to stay, and it is our responsibility to the environment and our health to join this change.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about vegan eyeshadows, one of the vegan beauty products that have joined this market, and you should start using them now.

What are vegan eyeshadow and its benefits?

Vegan eyeshadows don’t contain any animal derivatives, nor have they been tested on animals. Besides, their formulas don’t include sulfates or parabens, so they do not harm your skin or the environment. Instead, they help your skin with all-natural and cruelty-free ingredients. It provides softness and hydration and avoids damage to the skin layers, especially on your lid.

Why use vegan products?

If you care about animals and the environment, this will be the bottom line to choose vegan cosmetics. Besides, they help your health and skin, their price is generally affordable, and the different editions of all their products will easily meet your needs.

If you’re ready to get your cruelty-free eye shadow, it’s time to learn some information on how to wear your vegan cosmetic and achieve a unique glow.

How to choose the right shadows

As with foundation or any beauty product, eyeshadows also have their tips and tricks, and here are the ones you need to add to your routine to find the perfect shades.

Hair color

The color of your hair influences your makeup, learn here how to manage it.

Light brown or blonde

For light brown or blond hair, you can search for cooler colors, such as blue, green, or gray.

Darker brown

For darker brown or black hair, warm tones are your best choice. Colors such as earthy orange-brown can be very flattering. Some cool shades such as violet or even green can also be a good choice.

Red hair

If you have red hair, your ideal shades are cool or neutral colors like black, gray, or green.

But we invite you to experiment and find the vegan eyeshadow palettes you like the most because you set the conditions!

How to achieve a flawless cruelty-free look?

Do you already have a vegan palette on your wishlist? Follow these recommendations to experience the best results in your makeup!

Prepare the eyelid

Before applying eyeshadow, use an eye primer or foundation. It makes eye shadow last longer, facilitates even coverage, and prevents cracking.

Use at least three shades and blend well

Our recommendations are to use three colors of the same chromatic range, from lighter to darker. Finally, search for a fourth luminous shade to light the area of the tear trough and the arch of the eyebrow. Use two brushes, one to apply the shadows and the other to help blend.

Apply a transition shadow

Use the lightest of the three colors you have chosen. Add this shade in the eye socket and blend well. In this way, you will unify the different shades and reduce the differences, achieving a much more natural result.

Sweep the main shadow all over the eyelid

This shade will be the predominant one of the makeup. In this case, use a flat brush to add the product all over the lid. Then blend well to achieve natural results and reduce excess product.

Add depth

Add the darker shade to the outer corner of the eye socket, just where the bone ends, and blend gently to avoid any cut lines.

Highlighting shadow

Finally, to add a touch of light and illuminate the makeup, apply a very light and luminous shadow in the area of the tear trough and the arch of the eyebrow.

Tips to improve your makeup look

Get faster results

You can opt for items like vegan cream eye shadow. Apply it with your finger and blend it. This type of eye shadow increases the duration of the makeup.

Don’t forget the mascara!

Without a doubt, this will add more relevance to your makeup. A great application of vegan eyeshadows will be of little use if we forget about mascara, so find the one that enhances your look the most!

Try eyeliner

Although these products are more used as an extra, we cannot deny that they add a big relevance to makeup. Take into account to search for an eyeliner that has not been tested on animals, and contains all-natural ingredients. Remember that shipping vegan beauty items will be your new lifestyle. Complete your makeup with this product and complement it with other things like accessories, and you are ready to go out.

Give colors to your makeup in a vegan way

We hope reading the content of this article helps you to add to your wishlist more vegan options. Not only in the eyeshadow palette but also the foundation, lipstick, and other cruelty-free products and beauty accessories. The menu of vegan things is wide, and the price of these products is as friendly as they are with the environment.

Tell all your friends to search for these products, and start together to try a brand that gives more relevance to the animals’ rights and your skin health. It doesn’t matter in which country you are, from the United Kingdom to Canada, try shipping these items from any site, you may find a good sale price.

Start taking into account the planet and your health when buying things, your body and the environment will thank you.