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Are you looking for a concealer that gives you full coverage? You may have thought of any of the famous brands to get your product. But what if this time you opt for a more environmentally friendly and healthier option for your skin?

Nowadays, many beauty product brands have joined the much-needed change to be vegan and cruelty-free. That will allow you to purchase a vegan concealer more simply. And here we give you the right information so you don’t hesitate to switch for this friendly option.

Give your skin the best treatment with the best natural ingredients, and cover those dark circles with a flawless finish.

What is a vegan concealer?

The vegan concealer belongs to beauty products that do not contain any animal ingredients, nor are they tested on animals, nor do they have harsh chemicals that can harm your skin or your health in the long run.

It’s the same coverage concealer you always use, the difference is that it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and friendly to the environment and health. It works for all skin types, from sensitive skin to oily skin, thanks to its natural formula, and has all the shades needed to cover your eye bags and other imperfections.

Why change to vegan?

Besides being cruelty-free, these vegan cosmetics have organic and natural ingredients in their formula, such as shea butter, marshmallow root extract, vitamin e, argan oil, and hyaluronic acid. Replacing harmful chemicals to give your skincare a boost. The vegan concealer offers a hydrating effect and unique coverage. Switching to these products will not only be good for the environment but your look and skincare as well.

If you’ve decided to try a cruelty-free concealer, here’s some more information to help you get the most out of this friendly product.

Why use concealer?

Concealer is primarily used to cover up dark circles in the eye area, eye bags, and other skin imperfections. But there are also other options available for its use, and here is a list of these uses:

Lip base 

Using concealer on the lips will have two effects. First, it will make the shade of lipstick you use to stand out much more. And secondly, it ensures long-lasting lipstick.

Sculpt your face

Cruelty-free concealer is not only used to cover tired eyes, but there are also some with darker shades that can be used for contouring. This helps to define, highlight and diminish some features of your face when doing full makeup.

Make-up concealer 

One of the options that concealers provide is to fix a mistake in your makeup. Sometimes you’re applying lipstick and, you go out of the lip line, or when you apply mascara, you may smudge a little on your eyelid, so to fix this, you can use concealer to achieve a perfect finish.


The most important points of light in your eyes are the tear trough and the eyebrow arch. Therefore, to brighten your look and highlight your eyes, apply a little eye concealer a shade lighter than the one you have used on your under-eye circles and apply it to the tear trough and the arch of your eyebrows. Blending it correctly so that there are no stains or cuts.

Eye shadow base 

Before applying eyeshadows, it is advisable to use concealer to make the shades brighter, and it will also make your makeup last longer. Just apply your concealer on the mobile eyelid, blend it with your fingertips, then add the eye shadow, and that’s it! You are ready to go.

Pre-base foundation

Sometimes using a foundation is not enough, especially if you have pimples or enlarged pores. In this case, cruelty-free eye concealers work as a pre-base to cover imperfections before using your usual makeup. If you apply the product directly to your blemishes, scars, acne, or small wrinkles, you will be able to unify the color of your face and smooth your skin.

Now that you know the different functions that a cruelty-free concealer has, it’s time for you to know its types and choose the best one for you.

Types of cruelty-free concealer

Liquid concealer? Powder one? Are you not sure which one is best for you? Check this list and find out.

Cream concealer

If you opt for a radiant creamy concealer, you will get medium to full coverage. This type of vegan concealer is ideal for dark circles and deep imperfections, as its texture is dense.

Mousse concealer

In this presentation, the cruelty-free concealer has medium coverage. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, and thanks to its light texture, it achieves a natural finish. If you don’t have many imperfections to cover and prefer light make-up, this is a good choice.

Stick concealer

Stick cruelty-free concealers are recommended for young skin. They have a range of medium to full coverage, you have to know how to apply it so that it does not crack and achieves a matte finish if sealed with powder.

Liquid concealer

These concealers are the best cruelty-free products because they are the easiest to use. They adapt well to any skin tone and are long-lasting. The liquid concealer has medium coverage but is not recommended for oily skin.

Powder concealer

Powder concealers are not suitable for everyone, they do not have full coverage, and their shade range is quite limited depending on the brand. But it is ideal to cover pimples as it is an oil-free product, therefore, it is recommended for oily skins and achieves a matte finish effect.

Do you already know which vegan concealer suits you? If so, it’s time to check out the color menu and find out which one will be most helpful for you.

What are the different colors used for?

Cruelty-free concealers have a wide menu of shades, not only to suit different skin tones, but they also treat a variety of imperfections. Have you seen the green concealer while you order online your makeup or in a drugstore and don’t know what it’s for? In this list, we explain how these colors help you.


This shade is used for full coverage of redness. Use it if you have rosacea or if you have reddened scars caused by pimples. However, if the redness is not very pronounced, you can cover it with your usual vegan concealer.


Yellow shades neutralize blemishes, dark circles with purple undertones and blackheads. Besides, on dark skin, it can help to brighten certain areas of the face.


Concealers with blue formula are used to correct yellowish or orange spots on the skin. It is ideal for people who have such spots or discoloration around the eyes.

Pink or lilac

Cruelty-free pink coverage concealer allows you to cover any greenish imperfections on the skin, such as marked veins or bruises, in the process of healing.


This vegan concealer is used to achieve full coverage of very dark circles under the eyes with a blue tone. You can also use it with blur brown or bluish tones such as spots or blemishes.


Cruelty-free darker concealers are used to add depth to the contouring of the face and are combined with natural color correctors and highlighters to achieve a flawless makeup finish.

Make-up concealer

These are the concealers presented in the shades of our skin tone. They are used to apply over the areas that we have already neutralized with the corresponding color. So, for example, if we use a yellow concealer on a purple spot, we will have to blend it well and, once it settles, we can apply the concealer with our similar shade.

Choosing this last type of concealer is not so simple, so here are some tips to help you find the right color.

Choose the right color

Many brands have expanded the menu of their concealer shades, allowing more people to order theirs without so many color limitations, since finding the right shade for you will achieve a natural finish in your makeup.

Color categories range from porcelain shades to darker shades. Some makeup professionals say that the idea is to choose a lighter shade for under-eye circles. But it is not always necessary to do so, as it can make flash photos look like you are wearing a white mask. So we recommend that you try to make your cruelty-free concealer as true to your natural skin tone as possible.

Once you have the right color, you must follow these recommendations to achieve the perfect look.

How to use concealer?

Do you already have your cruelty-free vegan? Now it’s time to learn some tips to achieve the best coverage.

First foundation, then concealer

There are several opinions on this subject, but in general, if you use green, yellow, or other colors of this color category, it is best to apply them before the foundation. As for the vegan concealers with the shades of our skin color, they should be applied after the foundation. In this way, you can achieve better coverage.

Apply as a triangle

Apply the concealer drawing a triangle with the base under the eye and the point on your cheek, in this order, to create an inverted triangle. By doing this drawing, you will not only cover dark circles but also instantly create the illusion of a more open look.

Add it in three areas

Pick your cruelty-free vegan concealer and use it in these three strategic areas: from the eye to the cheek, just below the brow bone, and from the centerline of the nose to the forehead. Applying it in this order will give your makeup a unique illumination.

Use the right brush

You can apply the concealer with your ring finger, but having the specific beauty items to blend the product will make it reach perfectly to the root of the eyelashes and the tear trough, which guarantees perfect coverage of the whole area. The price of a concealer brush is not very high, and you can find it in any drugstore, it will help you achieve a flawless finish.

Now that you have the best cruelty-free concealer and know how to apply it, you just need to know how to achieve a long-lasting effect.

How to make it last longer?

Any thoughts on how to make your vegan concealer last longer? We also have the solution for this.

Moisturize the area well

Hydrating your skin is important, this prevents the product from drying out over the hours. When this happens, the concealer cracks will not look smooth and uniform. Keeping your skin hydrated is not so complicated, in any drugstore you can find a cream at a good price, just make sure it is vegan and suitable for your skin.

Do not use too much

The excess concealer prevents it from blending well and melting into the skin. Also, if your skin is oily and you want to achieve an oil-free look with a matte finish, you will be achieving the opposite effect.

Blend well

As we mentioned earlier, having the right beauty items to apply the concealer is an important part of achieving a good finish. Make sure the product is well distributed and allow time for your skin to absorb it before applying more makeup.

Touch up

Be sure to touch up your vegan cosmetic throughout the day. Many make-up reviews claim that this is the best way to keep your concealer intact for 24 hours.


The vegan products also have waterproof cosmetics. Make your waterproof concealer orders online or, at any drugstore, in this way, you can make sure that your make-up does not smudge during the day.

Apply powder

The powder will help seal the entire concealer and give you a long-lasting effect. In any drugstore you can get vegan powder or order it online, you can surely get a good deal on price and delivery.

Choose the best cruelty-free concealer now

Vegan products are the future of cosmetics, and you can catch up by getting your natural concealer. Once you try this vegan formula, you will only want to make more and more ships of vegan beauty products because you will feel the difference from day one.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to buy a drugstore concealer or resort to brands that make ships online, the important thing is that you give this new vegan way of living beauty a try.