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Explore our range of natural and safe products tailored for the tender needs of your children and babies. From soothing shampoos that preserve the natural softness of young hair and scalp to protective skin oils and talc-free powders, our kids and baby care essentials are meticulously formulated with delicate skin in mind. Embrace a care routine that’s good for your little ones and the planet. Shop now and ensure the health and happiness of your precious children!

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Kids and Baby Care: Gentle, Safe, and Natural Solutions

At Veautie, we believe that caring for the youngest is of utmost importance, which is why we offer a range of products for child and infant care that are as gentle as they are effective. Each product in our collection has been meticulously formulated with the most delicate skin in mind, incorporating natural ingredients. We provide a selection of vegan, organic, or cruelty-free products, allowing for the choice of cosmetics that align with individual preferences and needs. These ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, deliver optimal benefits without the risk of irritation, allergies, or long-term damage, making our products safer and healthier than many widely available commercial products.

Why is the choice of gentle, natural cosmetics so important?

A child’s skin, especially that of newborns and infants, is significantly thinner and more delicate than that of an adult. This makes it more permeable and less resistant to external factors. The lipid barrier of a child’s skin is not yet fully developed, which means the skin loses moisture more quickly and is more susceptible to irritation and harmful substances from the environment.

Because children’s skin cannot yet effectively defend itself against bacteria, allergens, or pollutants, it is crucial that the products used in their care are as natural as possible and free from harsh chemicals that could disrupt their delicate balance and lead to skin issues such as dryness, rashes, or eczema.

For these reasons, at Veautie we offer child and infant care products that are designed to protect and support this delicate skin barrier. Our shampoos, oils, safe powders, soaps, bath tea mixes, bath bombs, deodorants, and body washes are formulated using natural, ultra-gentle, organic ingredients that are gentle yet effective, helping maintain healthy skin in children and protecting it from the harmful effects of the external environment. We offer a selection of products that are cruelty-free and vegan, ensuring they are free from ingredients that could potentially irritate sensitive skin. Additionally, we are mindful of the ethical aspects of care, prioritizing the well-being of animals in our product formulations..

Our Gentle Care Range: Tailored for Delicate Skin

  • Gentle and Safe Shampoos – We offer a selection of shampoos for children and infants made from organic ingredients that cleanse effectively without using harmful chemicals, preserving the natural softness and health of young hair and scalp.
  • Nourishing Oils and Safe Powders – Protect and care for your child’s skin with our organic oils and talc-free powders. They are designed to provide gentle comfort without harmful substances, enriched with ingredients that support skin health and regeneration.
  • Soothing Soaps and Bath Tea – Transform bath time into fun with our gentle soaps, aromatic bath tea mixes, and fizzy bath bombs. These products make daily routines enjoyable while relaxing the body and mind of your child. We offer a selection of products made from natural, vegan ingredients that cleanse and delight without irritation, while caring for the skin with their nourishing properties.
  • Natural Deodorants and Body Washes – Keep your little ones fresh and clean with our natural deodorants and body washes. These products, free from harmful additives and perfectly balanced in pH, are ideal for children’s sensitive skin, providing protection and care without risk. Did you know that many deodorants available on the market often contain controversial ingredients such as aluminum, which can block natural body processes, parabens that may affect hormonal balance, and artificial fragrances that can cause allergies and skin irritations? Not very reassuring, right?


Our products not only meet the highest standards of safety and natural ingredients but also offer cruelty-free and vegan options, ensuring the most conscientious care for your child. Choosing the right care products is crucial because children are the most delicate and deserve the gentlest and most natural care possible. Utilize the potential of our vegan, organic, and natural features to provide your children with the best.