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vegan baked makeup products

What is baked makeup?

The standard way to produce makeup is by pressing pigments into binding chemicals and some fillers. But that’s not the only or even the right, way to do this – you can get far better results by baking. Let’s take a deeper dive into the world of baked makeup and see why it’s better than “normal” makeup products.

What are baked makeup products?

As the name suggests, this type of makeup product is made by baking. Yes, in an oven, just like bread or pizza. The only difference here is the type of oven used. Although staying true to the Tuscan way, you can bake makeup on terracotta tiles laid down in the warm rays of the sun.

Baked makeup starts its life as a cream that gets baked slowly into a powdery, smooth solid. This process gives it a velvety, incredibly soft texture, unachievable any other way. Any powdered product can be prepared by makeup-baking – eyeshadow, highlighter, base, blush, etc.

What differentiates baked makeup from standard makeup products?

The popularity of baked powders and other makeup products has been on the rise lately, and there are good reasons for that – here are the mine advantages they have over standard makeup:

1. Chemical-free composition

While baking makeup, there’s no need for any fillers like talk or bismuth. No chemical fillers mean less irritation and drying out the skin, which is especially important for anyone with sensitive skin. All the ingredients come straight from nature, many of them completely vegan. That’s a huge advantage and the most essential difference between baked and pressed makeup.

2. More vivid colors

No additional fillers also mean a higher concentration of color – pigments don’t get diluted, staying vibrant and vivid all the way to your face.

Higher color payoff also means you’ll need less powder to get the desired effect, so a single package will last way longer. That’s a win-win situation right there.

3. Lightweight on the skin

Without the additional bindings and fillers, baked powder makeup is far lighter – it doesn’t burden the skin and allows it to “breathe” freely. Thus, wearing baked powders won’t tire your face so much and feels way more natural than other products, as it seems almost weightless.

4. Dry or wet application

When you want the subtle, more natural look, simply use your baking powder dry, as you would do with any other type of powder. But that’s not all – in contrast to pressed makeup, it can be used effectively when wet. Due to starting as creams or liquids, baked makeup won’t smudge, clump, and end up as a disaster when applied with a bit of water. In fact, when you gently wet your brush before dipping it into the powder, you’ll get a more intensive color, shimmer, and overall vibrancy out of it. So if you want to add more drama to your look or just need more intensive eye makeup, simply use slightly wet baked powder.

Woman Applying Makeup With A Brush

5. Luminous-looking effects

Baking makeup gives it a marbled finish. Thanks to this, it can flatter any skin tone – the powders reflect light, adding a natural and gorgeous sheen to the skin. Moreover, baked blush/powder can combine two effects in just one layer, giving you a three-dimensional effect and a flawless finish without additional work.

And you won’t have to worry about shining like a beacon in the sun – this type of powder doesn’t have visible/large glitter particles that would make your face overly glowy.

6. Sustainability

Baked makeup products, especially vegan ones, use all-natural ingredients that are procured in a sustainable manner – making them doesn’t permanently impact the environment. Plus, their packaging comes from recyclable materials and is fully biodegradable/recyclable itself. If you add a cruelty-free (which means no animal testing) brand to it, you’ll get the full eco-friendly pack.

7. Great feel

As simple as that – the velvety and ultra-soft texture of baked makeup feels like a fluffy blanket gently caressing your face. You’ll barely notice it’s there, and there’s no need for excess powder to get the desired effect – all you need is a fluffy makeup brush and a dash of water.

Final thoughts

Baked products for makeup aren’t anything new, but their popularity rose dramatically in recent years. We can safely assume it had much to do with the higher demand for more natural alternatives to the almost omnipresent chemicals. A far more superior alternative to be precise – baked products give better effects, last longer, and are way more friendly to our skin and the planet. Plus, many of them are produced by vegan brands, so by switching to them, we can save animal lives. Thus, it should be a natural choice for any environmentally conscious individual.

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