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vegan soap bar

Is a vegan soap bar good for your skin?

How many times have you wondered what good you can do for your skin? You can drink water, eat enough vitamins, eat healthily, take care of hygiene… You could also invest in the best quality vegan soap! It will truly improve the quality of your life. Read and learn why vegan soap is good for your skin, because without a doubt – it is!

What is vegan soap?

Vegan soap is one of the vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics available in bar and liquid form, however, liquid soap seems to be a little less popular. It uses only 100% vegan and natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any ingredients of animal origin such as gelatin, lanolin, tallow, or lard. It is also palm-oil free, which is very valuable – thanks to that, there is no risk of clogged pores and acne outbreaks. So what exactly does a vegan soap bar contain?

Vegan soap bars can be composed of aloe vera, cornstarch, castor oil, pectin, corn syrup, or pure essential oils. Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil, coconut milk… Vegan bar soap is made with no synthetic lathering agents. It has been created especially to remove dirt and simply to keep our hands, bodies, and faces clean. It is worth mentioning that natural bar soaps are often handmade. That makes them worth attention even more! Somebody put a lot of work into this!

Why is vegan soap good for your skin?

There is no need to doubt whether vegan soap is good for your skin or not. After all, every bar is created with gentle ingredients, which are simple but, at the same time, they are the highest-grade, natural and organic. It should be obvious that this type of soap is the best you can give to your skin for several reasons! 

The best solution for your skin due to good composition

All soap bars have one purpose – to destroy bacteria, invisible pathogens and germs. It is possible thanks to the combination of soap molecules which are “getting to” viruses etc. It is a matter of using the soap and washing hands with enough water later on. However, there are a few differences between vegan soap bars and non-vegan soap bars. 

Vegan soap is far better for your skin than soap that is sold at grocery shops and by popular beauty brands. “Traditional” soap is not the best skin cleanser – it has an irritant effect on the skin. It has an alkaline nature and high pH levels. Because of that, the skin (which normally has slightly acidic pH levels) is prone to irritation and dryness. In addition, most non-vegan soaps simply smell bad in your bathroom. Using traditional soap made with chemicals leads to stripping off natural skin oils. Don’t do this to your skin!

Your skin receives exactly what it needs and animals are protected!

Testing products on animals is nothing new in the beauty industry. Fortunately, vegan products have nothing to do with this. When it comes to vegan soaps, animals are never used throughout the whole testing process. Forget about soaps containing animal fat! Your skin gains a lot from it! You also gain peace in mind because you wash up with vegan-based soap which is high-quality and safe. Your choice isn’t hurting anyone.

Vegan products provide a deep hydration, they help maintain freshness

… and some of them even have medicinal properties! There are vegan soaps that can help in soothing irritation and burns. They can also help you heal scars a bit faster. Some soaps are good for eczema and psoriasis.

What’s even more – vegan soap is ideal for sensitive skin because of being extremely delicate. There are fragrance-free soaps created in response to the needs of customers. You will always feel better after a shower – just use vegan bar soaps and give yourself a little bit of luxury.

Vegan soaps are environmentally friendly

We already know why vegan products are good for our skin. It is worth adding that they are also good for our planet! They are chemical-free, made from natural ingredients that are biodegradable. We save plastic by choosing vegan products. Plastic packaging may be hard to recycle that’s why it’s better to bet on plastic-free solutions – paper, glass, etc. It is a game worth playing!

cruelty free vegan bar soap


Vegan soap is something that your skin desperately needs. Take into account the ingredients – they are all-natural and gentle! Vegan products are plastic-free and cruelty-free. Your skin will always be hydrated and fresh. You don’t wander and enjoy all the natural benefits of vegan soaps!

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