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Your natural skin care routine

The complete natural skincare guide

The crazy and hectic world of today requires that we are perfectly organized multitaskers. The result is that we usually do not have time for ourselves. Pursuing a career, reinforcing relationships, and nurturing children — these are tremendously absorbing, so it’s no surprise that we tend to neglect our needs and stop bothering to find some me-time.

It’s time to change that and start taking care of one of your greatest assets — your skin. In order to do it thoroughly and ensure the best possible results, we encourage you to focus on vegan skincare products. Read on, and you’ll find out all you need to know about the importance of a natural skincare routine and the power of the right ingredients.

Get rid of harmful substances

Everyone's skin requires ingredient of the best quality

First and foremost, if you want to cater to your skin well, reach for natural solutions, which means products composed of carefully selected, naturally occurring ingredients. Why? Basically, to avoid more or less serious skin issues. And these are diverse, from gentle irritation to excessive proneness to acne breakouts or severe inflammation. Regardless of the specific requirements, you should be aware of when choosing your cosmetics, there is one thing that your skin (whatever skin type it is) will definitely not approve of, not to mention benefit from it — harsh chemicals. Substances like sulfates, parabens, synthetic colorants, artificial fragrances, and toxic preservatives frequently cause irritation and allergies, aggravate symptoms of acne, or may even lead to hormonal disruption and respiratory problems.

The power of natural ingredients

How to make sure you follow the best natural skincare routine? Depending on the type of your skin, you may need ingredients that help provide hydration and maintain a proper level of moisture, gently detoxify and soothe, improve skin texture, promote smooth skin, display anti-aging properties and help maintain skin elasticity. Whether you struggle with imperfections typical of oily skin or whether you find it hard to sufficiently moisturize your dry skin, you don’t need to resort to potentially harmful chemicals that many commercial brands use in their products. Switching to a natural beauty routine is a much safer and more reasonable step towards beautiful and well-nourished skin.

Step by step towards the skin of your dreams

With the aim of keeping your skin in optimal condition, your natural skincare routine should consist of a series of actions. It is essential you carry them out with the assistance of the highest quality vegan products, ones that suit the needs of different skin types. What are those steps and what ingredients to look for in beauty products?


Deep cleansing is the number one rule, both when it comes to your daytime and nighttime routine. A good natural cleanser is supposed to be packed with vitamins (thanks to their skin-nourishing properties, vitamin A and E are especially valuable) and other powerful ingredients that help remove your makeup and all the dirt and sweat that accumulate throughout the day or night and create the perfect environment for all sorts of bacteria. Aside from getting rid of impurities and making your skin sufficiently protected, cleansing provides pleasant refreshment and hydration. What ingredients offer such benefits? Coconut oil, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, and sweet almond oil have remarkable moisturizing and hydrating properties, tea tree oil, lemon oil, and sage leaf oil gently detoxify and soothe, while aloe vera and olive oil are particularly effective in providing antioxidant support.

One of the popular way of cleansing is the oil cleansing method that can be very effective in removing impurities and treating acne


Exfoliating serves the purpose of removing dead skin cells and other harmful residues and controlling excess oil production, which contributes to unclogging your pores. As a result, your skin becomes deeply revitalized and looks much more radiant and healthy. It is important though to limit exfoliating to 1-2 times a week; otherwise, it may deprive your skin of its natural oils (that contain essential fatty acids and other vital components of healthy skin) and exacerbate skin problems instead of treating them. Some signs of over-exfoliation include skin irritation, redness, breakouts, and increased sensitivity to cosmetics.


Toners effectively purify and refresh your skin, tighten pores and restore your skin’s natural balance, which has a truly beneficial influence on the appearance of your skin. Ingredients such as witch hazel, green tea, tea tree oil, and rose water, all of which display calming and anti-inflammatory properties, not only leave your skin fresh and clean but also visibly even out your complexion. Also, apple cider vinegar is often recommended as it can help remove blackheads, fade acne scars and exfoliate dead skin. In order to prevent irritation, avoid cosmetics that contain alcohol, salicylic acid, and parabens.

Face serum

A good facial serum is a miracle worker when it comes to minimizing signs of aging, smoothing, and improving overall skin health. If you want beauty products that help stimulate collagen production, even out your skin tone, and leave your skin hydrated, carefully scan the ingredients list in search of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and retinol. Good serums usually contain various natural seed oils that soothe skin, protect sensitive skin from external factors and bring anti-aging benefits to mature skin.

Eye cream

Applying an eye cream is a vital part of a skin care routine

The thin and delicate skin around your eyes requires special treatment, which means you should use creams that are specially formulated for this gentle area. Applying eye creams that contain grape seed extract, aloe vera, vitamin C and vitamin E helps avoid puffiness, dark circles, and other conspicuous indicators of sleepless nights. These powerful ingredients also moisturize, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and slow down the skin aging process.


Radiance, youthfulness, and a healthy look are qualities commonly associated with an effective skincare routine. You won’t achieve those results without providing your skin with a proper amount of moisture, regardless of whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin. Proper moisturizing helps make your skin look firm and plump, protects it from negative environmental influence, reduces the appearance of imperfections (including breakouts typical of acne-prone skin), and minimizes the signs of aging. What ingredients are especially valuable in moisturizers? Coconut oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, shea butter, rosehip seed oil, olive oil, and sea buckthorn oil can all give your skin the desired glow.

Sun protection

If you want to make sure your natural skincare routine is complete, you can’t forget about wearing sunscreen. This is vital as it provides your skin with protection from sun damage and UV rays, i.e. factors that can contribute to the development of skin cancer (especially in case you overexpose your skin to the sun). Even if you are still at a fairly early age and no visible signs of aging skin can be observed, natural sunscreen is still recommended to be used daily, for the sake of a healthier, well-protected, and younger-looking complexion. Do you want to avoid harsh substances? Look for vegan products that contain only natural ingredients that soothe and moisturize, such as green tea, red raspberry seed oil, and vitamin E.

A natural skincare routine your skin craves

Proper skincare involves using good products and eating foods that are rich in essential fatty acids

Using beauty products that are composed exclusively of natural and skin-friendly ingredients can help you maintain your skin in a perfect condition for a really long time. In Veautie we know that well. Our vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics are packed with potent, plant-powered components thanks to which you are able to take great care of your skin on a daily basis. So, if you want to make sure your skin gets the best possible treatment, follow a natural skincare routine with our top-quality products designed with the primary aim of responding to the unique requirements of every skin type.

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