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Fall in love with irresistibly moisturized lips with our Organic & Mineral Lip Tint in the shade Iris. This lip tint boasts a remarkable 77.3% organic composition, featuring enriching ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Candelilla Wax to pamper your pout throughout the day. It bridges the gap between a chapstick and a lipstick, offering both nourishment and a touch of sassy color to elevate your look. Plus, it contains USDA Organic Peppermint oil for a refreshing tingle that freshens your breath. With our lip tint, you not only look stunning but also enjoy the benefits of fresh breath.


  • 77.3% Organic Ingredients
  • Nourishing blend with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Coconut Oil.
  • USDA Certified Organic Peppermint Essential Oil for a breath-freshening tingle.
  • Multiple shades to suit your style.
  • Skin Deep ranking 1-2 by Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Usage Guide:

Simply apply directly to your lips and layer for more vibrant color.

Product Specifications:

Product weight 0.07oz – 2.00g

Ingredients List:

Cocos butyric (Cocoa Butter)*, Butyrospemum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Cocos Oleum (Coconut Oil)*, Cera Candelilla (Candelilla Wax), Micha (Mica), Essentialis Peppermint Oleum (Peppermint Essential Oil)*

  • (VEGAN) 77.3% USDA Organic Ingredients
  • *USDA Certified Organic Ingredient
  • may contain titanium dioxide and iron oxides

Ingredient Benefits:

  • Shea Butter: Stimulates collagen production, preventing premature wrinkles.
  • Coconut Oil: Natural skin moisturizer and sunscreen.
  • Cocoa Butter: Deep hydration for chapped lips.
  • Candelilla Wax: Vegan alternative to beeswax, prevents moisture loss.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil: Freshens breath and offers a cooling effect.


Elevate your lip care routine with our Organic & Mineral Lip Tint in Iris. Nourish your lips while adding a touch of color and enjoying the freshness of USDA Organic Peppermint oil. Join us in prioritizing both beauty and wellness. Get your Iris Lip Tint today and pamper your lips the organic way!

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