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90’s trends are coming back stronger, and lip glosses are one of the beauty products making their presence felt. However, they come with a slight modification in their formula.

As part of the reinvention of cosmetics, lip gloss is now available in a vegan and cruelty-free version. Expanding your options to start trying a beauty routine that is friendlier to the environment and your skin.

Find out here all the details about vegan lip gloss, what it is, its types, and how to get the most out of this iconic cosmetic.

What are vegan lip glosses?

The vegan lip gloss updates its formula to create a new product not tested on animals, does not use animal ingredients, and is, therefore, beeswax-free. It also contains no harsh chemicals, and its packaging is also generally eco-friendly. Besides, something that is important to highlight is the benefits brought about by this renovation.

Are vegan lip glosses a better option?

Yes, vegan and cruelty-free lip glosses promote hydration thanks to natural ingredients such as vitamin e and shea butter. Besides, they contain essential oils such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. These components ensure that your lips stay healthy and, at the same time, you contribute to the environment.

Give your makeup a boost by taking advantage of the benefits of an essential oil chemical-free cosmetic. Read on to learn more about this product.

Types of vegan lip gloss

Almost all lip glosses are known for their transparent shades, however, these vegan cosmetics have a wide menu of colors depending on the brands. These are the two types of cruelty-free lip glosses you can find.


Transparent vegan lip gloss is characterized by its lack of color since its function is only to add shine to the lips. However, some formulations contain glitters or some very light shades of color. This product is ideal if you like a more natural look.


Another vegan lip gloss option is those with colors. This model is presented with different shades of colors but without being as strong as the lipsticks. It is the best option for people who want to wear a light color on the lips without having to resort to lipstick.

Now that you know the two models of vegan lip gloss, it’s time to choose your favorite colors and follow this guide content to ensure a flawless look.

How to ensure a good look with your cruelty-free lip gloss

Here we bring you a list with some tips to achieve the best look with your vegan lip gloss.

Apply a small amount

One of the most important things when applying a cruelty-free lip gloss is the amount. Due to the texture of the product, if you overdo it, it can create an unpleasant sensation. To avoid this, apply a small amount of lip gloss in the middle of your lips and spread it evenly all over your lips.

Remove excess

As mentioned above, too much vegan lip gloss is a problem. If by mistake you applied too much product, you can remove it from the edges of your lip with the help of a cotton swab. That will prevent the gloss from pooling at the corners of your lip and creating a look that is far from the natural finish you’re looking for.

Use a napkin

One of the other items you can use to ensure perfect lip makeup is a napkin. Once you have applied your cruelty-free lip gloss, take a napkin and gently press it against your lips. In this way, you will be removing the excess, and at the same time, you will achieve a more natural look.

Ready to order your vegan lip gloss? Here are a few tips to help you achieve the best vegan lip makeup.

Tips to get the most out of vegan lip gloss

Here are our favorites tips to help you achieve the best vegan lip result.

Moisturize your lips

Although beauty vegan products provide hydration to your lips, thanks to ingredients such as coconut oil, it is important that you also keep your lips in good condition. In this way, you can achieve better makeup results. Be sure to give your lips a hydration boost with a vegan lip balm, especially if you’re going to be out in the sun or if you go out several nights, as sometimes you can face dry weather that can cause chapped lips.

Use a brush

As we already mentioned, one of the most important things is to get a good distribution of your cruelty-free lip gloss. The best way to achieve this is with an appropriate lip brush. These types of beauty items can be found in any store, or you can order them online. Make sure you opt for a vegan brand so that your brush is also environmentally friendly.

Achieve a natural finish

All you have to do to get natural results is to apply your vegan lip gloss directly to your lips. That is the best way, as your natural lip color will take on new relevance in combination with the shine that the lip gloss provides. This is a perfect makeup for business meetings or a casual Sunday date with friends.

Use a lip crayon

A cruelty-free lip gloss is the best company for a lip crayon. All you have to do is apply your gloss after you’ve used your lip crayon, so you’ll add a little bit of life with the characteristic shine of lip gloss. Two beauty products that were made to be together and give unique relevance to your makeup.

Avoid it at the beach

You wouldn’t think that stuff like where you use your vegan lip gloss would have any bearing on getting a great makeup finish, but it does. No matter what beauty brand of lip gloss you use, always avoid it at the beach, as the texture of this product doesn’t blend well with the sand and can hurt your lips. A more suitable alternative would be to use vegan balm, as they are more appropriate for these environments.

Apply these tips and prepare your order of cruelty-free lip gloss so you can also apply it in these ways.

What other uses does vegan lip gloss have?

Although it may not seem like it, the variety of vegan lip gloss options also extends to their other uses. Here’s a list of our favorites ways to apply it.


One of the extra functions of the cruelty-free gloss is as a highlighter. How? Very easy! Apply it on target areas where you want to add more shine, then gently blend with your ring finger. With this tip, you will achieve a shine like the stars, and the best thing is that it is more long-lasting than other highlighter products.


If you run out of blush and need to add a little color to your face, use some colored vegan gloss. As with a highlighter, apply with your ring finger and blend well. In this way, you can add more relevance to your makeup and get a natural shine on your blush.

Shining eyelids

Finally, you can add cruelty-free gloss to your eyelids to give a boost of shine to your eyeshadow. This is a great choice for night make-up and for highlighting the eyes.

Find the best vegan lip glosses and change your look!

We hope the content of this guide will help you lead a more vegan life now. No matter which vegan brands you decide to try, the important thing is that you give them a try and start enjoying the benefits of the natural ingredients in these cosmetics.

Don’t waste any more time, and order your vegan and cruelty-free gloss now. The more you use these products with organic ingredients, the more you will convince yourself to stop using brands that are not animal or environmentally friendly.