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Every day we understand more the importance of using natural products that are friendly to the environment and health. Although it is still not easy to find products that meet 100% of our vegan and cruelty-free expectations.

That is especially reflected when we are looking to put together our makeup routine because many beauty brands do not meet all the standards that make them eco-friendly.

We usually focus more on products that fulfill their function, for example, a foundation that covers our imperfections, that the concealer hides our dark circles, or lipstick to give us that plumping effect we are looking for.

So, while we try to meet these requirements, we forget to make sure that our products are natural and environmentally friendly.

But here we come with this article to remind you how important it is to opt for a more sustainable alternative, and how going down this path of vegan products will benefit you.

Taking care of the planet is our responsibility, as well as preserving our health, and you can achieve all this by changing your routine for a more natural one.

Give your lips the colors they need with the best natural ingredients!

What are vegan lipsticks?

Vegan lipsticks are beauty products with natural and cruelty-free formulas. That means that these products do not contain harmful chemicals, nor have they used animal testing in their manufacture. Their ingredients are based on organic and natural elements, from their composition to their packaging.

Everything about this product is environmentally friendly.

Why choose them?

Choosing this option will give a boost to your beauty routine, not only because you will be helping the planet but also because it will have a positive impact on your health.

Non-vegan lipstick is usually made with sulfates, parabens, and silicones, as well as other additives and fragrances that only cause problems with prolonged use. That differentiates cruelty-free lip paint exponentially, as they do not expose your health to future health problems thanks to their natural components. These are products that will change your lifestyle and are worth giving them a try.

Come and learn more about vegan lip cosmetic products because here we have more information for you.

How do lipsticks come in different colors?

In the case of makeup, pigment colour shades are essential. There are many elements used in coloring beauty products, such as pure white titanium dioxide and pigments that change color when you put them on your skin. But when it comes to lipstick, one of the most iconic is carmine.

This element is so closely associated with cosmetic paint, especially lipsticks, that the word has come to mean “red makeup”. But the truth is that there is much more behind this ingredient than just the coloration it provides, and here we give you the details of this widely used element.

What is the origin of carmine?

This is a bright red, somewhat purplish, semi-dark color element, which is specific to the pigment of the same name: an aluminum salt of carminic acid.

It is used to make lipstick, nail polishes, and face powders. It is also commonly found in beverages, yogurts, cheeses, sauces, among others. And its origin comes from these two sources:

From cochineal

This one is obtained mainly from carminic acid produced by American cochineals, which are bred on prickly pear cactus. It is obtained by drying the females of these insects in the sun, once dried, they are crushed to turn them into a red powder.

And although its origin is “natural” it is not at all cruelty-free, and that is why nowadays vegan beauty brands opt for synthetic pigment.


This is an element that works as an artificial substitute for cochineal. It is used both in food and cosmetics and in practice, it has replaced natural and carminic acid because it is much cheaper and prevents animal by-products.

Its trade name is “Ponceau 4R”, in cosmetics as CI16255 or New Red 1805, but it has received many more names. Besides, it is easy to use in food or cosmetic formulas because it is water-soluble.

And it joins with other components, that we will explain below, to create that vegan lipstick that comes to enhance your beauty routines.

What is vegan lipstick made of?

Besides not using cochineal to acquire colour and being cruelty-free, the vegan lipstick has organic components such as aloe vera and vitamin E. Besides, its formula is beeswax-free because instead, it uses shea butter, and contains essential oils such as jojoba oil and argan oil.

One of the best vegan products you can use, as these components do not endanger your health, on the contrary, they bring many benefits such as moisturizing and softening your lips, preventing them from cracking and looking dull. Moreover, without using any product coming from bees or other animals, perfect for your health and the environment.

If you are already convinced to buy your vegan lip cosmetic, here is a list with some tips to choose the right one for you. Enjoy the benefits that this cruelty-free product brings to you.

How to choose your cruelty-free vegan lipstick correctly?

Pop red color

If you have pale skin, use a red lipstick with a blue base (usually intense reds); if you have medium or dark skin, use those with an orange base; and if you have dark skin, you will look great with those with a burgundy base (wine).

Nude lipstick

If you love nude lipstick but don’t know which one to choose, go for a shade darker than your skin. Light skins will look great with nude pink tones. While medium skins, should opt for orange tones; and dark skins or brunettes, nude lip color with chocolate or caramel shade.

Assorted colors

With a brighter color like yellow or blue, you can also apply the above tricks, guided by how bright or dull the colour you want to use is, so you can find the right one for you.

That doesn’t mean that a deep bur can’t suit a brunette, it’s always valid to dare and try! The same applies to nudes’ tones.

Tips to extend the life of your cruelty-free vegan lipstick

Prevent melting

No matter what beauty brand your lip paint is, but when it doesn’t come in a liquid lipstick or lip gloss, there is a chance that it can melt for many reasons. One of these is the high temperatures in the summer, so during the summer, keep yours in the refrigerator, so it will keep the shape and don’t melt.

If it breaks, do this

Search for a lighter and add heat along the broken edge of the lipstick, after doing that, place it on top of the base. Then pass the light around it, so the two pieces melt and rejoin together. It will not damage the formula, and you will have your item as good as new.

Keep it in an organized place

In terms of cleanliness, it is always good to keep your makeup collection in a tidy and clean place at home. This is especially true for lipstick, and even lip stain or lip gloss, so you can avoid them from spilling if they are liquid, or cracking if they are solid. That will extend the life of your product and allow you to enjoy it longer.

Look better with your lipstick applying these tricks

According to your lips


If you have thin lips and you want to add some volume, all you have to do is take a pencil two shades darker than the lips and then draw a line on the outside of the contour and another one on it so that the two lines merge and look like one. Then blend the pencil with the color and paint from the contour inwards.

Lastly, apply gloss in liquid lipstick form. This trick works perfect with a matte finish and can be used with different shades, the finish will be excellent.


With med-size lips, you have a wide range of options to achieve an excellent finish with any shade of color. You just need to have the right items and take any of the recommendations in this list.


If the texture of your lips makes them look too thick, all you have to do to reduce them is this simple trick: take some lip crayons, preferably of darker shades, outline the contour of your lips. Then, with a flesh-colored crayon, follow the outline to lighten it and make it look smaller. Finally, apply color to the lips to give them that thin finish.

Something important to know about this tip is that it works great for makeup with a satin finish.

Long-lasting lipstick

If you need your lipstick to last longer, and you don’t have a long-lasting one at hand, don’t worry, all you need is a few items like staying power to achieve that lasting finish.

Paint your lips with your regular lipstick, then place tissue paper over and apply staying power on top; this way you will seal the color. It also works to achieve a matte finish with different shades of colour.

Plumping effect

Almost everyone wants to add a plumping effect finish to their makeup lately. These type of finishes goes well with different shades even with a matte finish.

So, if you want your lips to look fuller, use one shade of lipstick over your mouth but in the middle use a lighter one from the same range. If you don’t have a lighter shade, you can use concealer. This way you will achieve this effect perfectly.

Intense color

To get a more intense tone, you won’t need many items, just use two lipsticks, one lighter than the other. First, apply concealer all over your mouth, then apply the lighter lip paint and finally the darker one. In this way, you will see a more intense color.

The lip gloss formula adds a better finish with this technique, and a good effect is also achieved with a satin finish.

Take care of your lips!

Despite following all the tips in this article today, these tricks will have no relevance if you don’t take care of your lips. If you search to have a soft texture, lip balms with shea butter and more natural ingredients will be the best option for you.

The more organic elements the lip balm has to add, the better it will be for you. Use it at home and before going out. Vegan lip balms have a wide menu of options, just search for the right one and start taking care of your lips.

Switch to vegan, use a cruelty-free lipstick

We hope this article will help you give more relevance to vegan cosmetics. And so, you can start experimenting on your own how adding ingredients like jojoba oil or coconut oil to your products can make a big change in the health of your lips skin. No matter what color you search for, vegan cosmetics have a wide menu for you.

Search on the market or order online to your home these beauty cosmetics and start enjoying the benefits of vegan living.