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Our lips have susceptible skin, and they are always exposed to weather changes and harmful agents in the environment. Winter makes them dry, and in summer, the strong UV rays could harm them.

That should lead us to take more exclusive care of our lips, due to their delicate nature. Taking care of them with moisturizing masks and having a lip balm at hand are some of the precautions we can take.

However, not all lip balms are suitable for lip care. Many of these products contain ingredients that, instead of helping, only do more damage to your lips.

That’s why products like vegan lip balms have emerged, which are friendlier to your lips thanks to their natural ingredients.

If you haven’t heard about these vegan products and want more information, here we’ll tell you everything you need to know so you can start having healthy lips with the best natural ingredients.

What are vegan lip balms?

The vegan lip balm is a product composed of natural ingredients, which help revitalize and soften your lips. If you have dry lips and chapped lips, it moisturizes and soothes them, thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Besides these components, it also contains vegetable oils, like coconut oil, and lip butters, like shea butter. Vegan lip balms are cruelty-free and do not contain parabens, petrolatum, colorants, added perfumes, or other toxic substances. They are made vegan-friendly, and their packaging is eco-friendly too.

To help you understand more about the benefits of vegan lip balms and differences from regular lip balms, here we tell you what ingredients you should avoid in these products.

What ingredients won’t you find in a vegan lip balm? 

You must keep in mind what ingredients you should avoid in your lip balm, so you understand why a vegan-friendly option is more suitable for you. Here is a list of harmful compounds and their consequences to your lips and health.

Synthetic preservatives

Many non-vegan lip balms contain preservatives such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, and methylchloroisothiazolinone. They have carcinogenic effects and can also cause hormonal disorders in the body. These components are used to help preserve the product, but prolonged exposure to them can cause serious damage to your health.


This ingredient is used to obtain the soft texture characteristic of lip balms, but it only gives a false sensation of hydration since all it does is form a film on the skin that prevents water loss making the skin of the lips not breathe well.

Mineral waxes

Many beauty brands still manufacture their products with mineral waxes, such as ozokerite. They are used to give consistency to products and also come from the petrochemical industry. Therefore, their prolonged use can have health effects, and they do not help to moisturize the lips properly.

Beeswax is also an ingredient you should avoid using in vegan lip balms. That is because beeswax comes directly from bees. And although it often does not harm the insect, it is generally best to avoided in our vegan products to decrease the demand for beeswax and thus the production of beehives.

Kerosene or mineral oils

These are petroleum-derived components and also produce a false moisturizing effect. Petroleum-derived products often have irreversible health effects if used for long periods. Studies have shown that when these products are in lip balms, they accumulate in the liver and lymph nodes.


This is a heavy metal that has been found in many well-known cosmetic brands. It is a dangerous ingredient for health, because it is neurotoxic, which makes it carcinogenic and responsible for brain damage.

Synthetic perfumes

To have a pleasant scent, beauty brands put artificial perfumes in their lip balms, which have allergenic effects on the skin and do not contribute any moisturizing or repairing benefits.

Natural lipsticks replace these ingredients with 100% vegan and cruelty-free alternatives. By using natural or plant-based ingredients, they bring several benefits to your lips. Here we tell you a little about the benefits of these components in your vegan lip balm.

Ingredients and benefits of vegan lip balms

Now that you know what ingredients your lip balm shouldn’t have, it’s time to get to know those that make up these cruelty-free vegan products. We’ll tell you about the benefits these natural elements have and how they will help to improve the health of your lips. You won’t need any animal products once you purchase a vegan lip balm.

Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are the essential components of vegan lip balm, as each product features ingredients like coconut oil, sunflower oil, peppermint oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil. These natural essential oils truly hydrate and nourish the skin, as their fatty acids are similar to those that make up our lipid mantle. So it helps to restructure our lip’s natural oils and gives a boost to hydration, making them the best cruelty-free option for you.

Vegetable waxes

These vegan beauty products are also composed of vegetable waxes. These waxes lock in moisture, protect the skin from dehydration of external environmental factors and have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

Coconut wax and soy wax are some of the vegetable waxes you can find in lip balms. These ingredients are perfect and safe for lip product formulations as they help repair chapped lips and dry lips.

Vegetable waxes, like soy wax, are an excellent alternative to silicones. These ingredients give consistency to the product and replace the beeswax and mineral wax used in many regular lip products.

Shea and cocoa butter

Shea butter and cocoa butter have numerous benefits, as they are essential for closing scars on the lips and promoting hydration. These compounds of lip balm recipe are the perfect lip treatment, as they help keep your lips soft and naturally repair dry skin to keep it supple.

Opting for a vegan lip balm with an essential oil and shea butter as the main ingredient will make a difference in the health of your lips from day one.

Natural preservatives and perfumes

Vegan lip balms use potassium sorbate as a preservative, which is one of the most widely used in vegan beauty brands of all kinds. It is also implemented in the food industry, and its main function is to prevent the appearance of bacteria, yeasts, and molds in water-based cosmetics. Its origin is 100% natural.

As for perfumes, because vegan lip balms have 100% vegan cruelty-free components, their fragrance comes from the union of their rich ingredients. The coconut oil and other essential oils provide a rich scent without the use of harmful chemical additives.

Plant-base and herbivore botanicals ingredients

The best vegan lip balms come with plant-based and herbivore botanicals ingredients. Some of these ingredients are orchid flower extract and calendula flower extract, as well as aloe vera and chamomile.

These extracts cleanse, moisturize and soften the skin of your lips. Besides, they soothe irritations, fight fungus and possible bacteria. The combination of plant-based ingredients, oil, and shea butter will leave your lips feeling hydrated like never before.

Natural pigments

Beauty brands that do not produce vegan beauty products, usually have lip balms made of non-natural colorants and with a high mineral load, such as those mentioned above, which are not suitable for use on the skin of the lips.

Vegan lip balm recipe use pigments from plants and fruits, which ensures a product without impurities of heavy metals such as nickel, chromium, cadmium, or lead that can be toxic for health.

If you pick a cruelty-free vegan lip balm, you will be enjoying these benefits with its rich ingredients of coconut oil and shea butter. It’s one of the best options you’ll have to take proper care of your lips. If you still have some doubts, here we explain in detail why to use a cruelty-free lip balm and if it is better than a regular one.

Why should you choose a vegan lip balm?

If your lips feel dry, you usually apply lip balm several times a day. However, you’ve probably felt that after a few hours, you need to reapply it, and you probably blame the weather or other factors other than the lip balm you’re using.

And although, as we mentioned above, weather and environmental factors play a role in the quality of your lip skin, the truth is that if you use a regular lip balm instead of a vegan one, it’s normal for you to do this.

The answer to that lies mostly in the ingredients of your lip balm. That’s because that non-vegan lip balm contains petrolatum and the list of harmful elements we’ve explained to you in this article.

These ingredients cover the skin with a plastic film that provides a very mellow texture with which we feel that we have moisturized lips. Fictitious healing because what is happening is the opposite. 

The plastic film created by petroleum derivatives causes a clogging effect preventing the skin from breathing and eliminating toxins, causing the lips to become even more dehydrated and creating an addictive effect or dependence on the product.

This type of production is used by many companies for their beauty products, not only to create a dependency on the product but also because they are cheaper components. But in the long run, they are expensive for us and our health.

The solution to this is that you pick cruelty-free vegan lip balms products that do not contain petroleum derivatives in their composition to moisturize our lips. Avoid contaminating your body with all those aggressive chemicals, and take care of the skin of your lips with coconut oil and other natural ingredients that the best cruelty-free products bring to you.

For this reason, cruelty-free and Non-GMO lip balm is the best option for you and your lips.

Vegan lip balms are better than regular ones?

After going through all this information, the answer to this question is yes. Cruelty-free lip balms are not only composed of essential oil like jojoba oils and coconut oil, but they also have vitamin c and vitamin e, essential elements for the skincare of your lips.

Besides, some of these natural lip balms are gluten-free and have sun protection up to SPF 30, perfect for protecting your lips from UV rays. Their lack of Beeswax and harsh chemicals makes them certified organic products. So, if you are searching for a lip balm that provides excellent health for your lip skin, this is the one for you.

When to use a vegan lip balm?

You may think that the more you use vegan lip balm, the more it will do for your lips, but part of the benefits of these beauty products come not from repeated use, but from using it at the right time. So, don’t worry, we searched, and here are the most appropriate times for your cruelty-free lip balm.

In the morning

After waking up and having breakfast, it’s the right time to use your cruelty-free lip balm. That will be excellent as its SPF 30 sun protection and vitamin e additives will provide a soft and moisturized state to your lips, so they will be more ready to face the outside environment.

After eating or drinking

After eating or drinking, you should touch up your cruelty-free lip balm. That is because food or drink tends to remove the lip balm. Do this if you are outside so your lips don’t get dry during the day.

Before going to sleep

Right after finishing your skincare routine, search for your lip balm and apply it to your lips before going to sleep. That should become part of your night routine, as the vitamin e and the other components of the lip balm will help your lips recover during the night.

Apply these tips and achieve soft lips more protected from any threat from the outside thanks to your lip balm.

Protect your lips, choose a vegan lip balm

The best thing in the world is to have healthy, chap-free lips. That’s why, in part, to achieve this, you’re going to have to opt for 100% vegan lip balm. And now that you have all this information, you shouldn’t pay attention to crazy rumors about vegan beauty products.

Just make sure that when you buy your lip balm, it is certified organic and beeswax-free. Because being part of this vegan lifestyle is not only to improve our health but also to make the world a better place, by choosing more eco-friendly beauty products. And remember that less is more when it comes to lip balm.

So give it a try, in a few days, you will feel the difference between living a more natural and less synthetic life.