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vegan essential oils

How to use vegan essential oils

Veganism is not only a trend. It is now a healthy way of life for many people all around the world. Cosmetics manufacturers and brands meet the expectations of people and create great vegan cosmetics such as vegan essential oils. How to use them properly? Read our ultimate guide to essential oils and find out! 

What are vegan essential oils?

Vegan essential oils are 100% natural plant extracts. They have healing, relaxing and antibacterial properties. They’re vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Animal testing is out of the question here! A vegan lifestyle is not only about food. It means giving up using animal products such as fish, meat, dairy, honey, eggs, etc. in meals, cosmetics, and in everyday life.

Vegan essential oils have a beneficial effect on our bodies. They support the treatment of ailments associated with headache, depressive states, insomnia, insect bites, runny nose, and so on. They are pretty often used for aromatherapy but they can also be added to cosmetics and DIY cleaning products. Actually, there are many more options!

moon essentials

Ideas for the use of vegan essential oils

We already know that essential oil is pure nature. It’s an organic solution not only for vegans. There are a few ideas on how to use such oils. Relaxing baths, massages, fragrance sticks, supplements to shampoos… What else?

Relaxing bath

It’s a really good idea to add a vegan essential oil to a warm bath and to get into the bath for 10-15 mins. Some people like to use it right from the bottle, while others prefer to mix it with bath salt. It’s important not to put the oil straight into the skin – instilling from a few to several drops of oil in the bath is a much better option. Remember not to overdo it – essential oils have strong aromas. Excess use of essential oils can irritate your skin and even lead to allergic reactions. You may get burned by this.



The essential oil can easily become an anti-cellulite massage oil. You should add 10 drops of orange essential oil and 10 drops of clove or cinnamon essential oil to 50ml of the carrier oil. The best base oils are mostly derived from fruits or vegetables: grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, or soybean oil. Use one of them.

The next idea is to create a relaxing massage oil. How to do it? Nothing easier! All you have to do is to add 10 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of vanilla oil to 50ml of base oil, exactly as it was in the case of the above-mentioned mixture.

relaxing massage

The ceramic oil burner

This is the most common way to use cruelty-free essential oils. Thanks to that, we can easily fill an entire room with an amazing scent for at least a few hours. You ought to add warm (but not too warm) water to the ceramic oil burner and, also, add from 5 to 10 drops of the chosen essential oil. The next step is lighting the candle. Mixing oils is allowed – for example, mint oil and eucalyptus oil form a coherent (and fresh) whole. Also, mixing orange oil with cinnamon oil is worth trying especially in winter.

Lavender spray for a good night’s sleep

If you have problems falling asleep, you should try ventilating your bedroom and spraying your bedding with a lavender spray diluted with water. To be more precise, you ought to use a spray bottle and fill it with water and a few drops of lavender oil. Don’t use too much oil and remember not to spray your pillows – lavender oil cannot get into the eyes.

fresh bedroom

Fragrance sticks

You can make your own fragrance sticks in the comfort of home. Such a fragrance stick is much more natural than the one available in the store. Another advantage is that preparation doesn’t take long. You need a small jar or a vase. Fill it with distilled or filtered water. Add one tablespoon of alcohol and 20 drops of the oil chosen by you. Use skewers – it’s a simple but ingenious hack!

Acne treatment

If you’re a person who deals with pimples, you should think about using tea tree oil right on your face. Thanks to that, you will notice a significant improvement in the condition of your skin. Another suggestion is adding a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil to a clay mask. This mixture has antibacterial properties and it reduces inflammation.

acne treatment

The nice smell while vacuuming

Before you start vacuuming, add a few drops of some cruelty-free essential oils to the filter or to the vacuum cleaner tube. When it comes to choosing the right essential oil – lavender oil, lemon oil, orange oil, rosemary oil, clove oil, and tea tree oil would be the most appropriate choices. This is not the end of ideas.

Refreshing your closet

Use cruelty-free essential oils in order to get rid of clothes moths. The most effective way to do it is to take a piece of cloth, pour a bit of black tea, green tea, or dried lavender, and finally, add 10-20 drops of lavender essential oil. Tie it all together and your DIY moth repellent is ready!

clothing in wardrobe

Supplement to shampoo

Second-to-last idea is to add cruelty-free essential oils to shampoo or hair masks. The rule is simple – you have to use exactly 10 drops per 100ml of the product. 

  • Lavender oil helps people who deal with hair loss.
  • Rosemary oil acts against dandruff.
  • Tea tree oil removes greasy hair and regulates the secretion of sebum.
  • Cinnamon oil helps stimulate hair growth.
  • Eucalyptus oil stimulates circulation.
  • Lemon oil acts bactericidal.
  • Mint oil relieves irritation.

Choose your fighter!

shampoo with benefits


Inhalation with cruelty-free essential oils is the last thing we would like to mention – it’s like a cherry on top! The first association with inhalations is a runny nose. In fact, inhalations do help with these kinds of symptoms. It’s best to use tea tree, eucalyptus, mint, or pine essential oil. Choose one of them and add 15 drops of it to the inhaler. Such an inhalation should last 10-15 minutes. However, there is one more advantage of inhalation with the use of vegan essential oils (especially lavender oil) – it has a calming, soothing, and relaxing effect.

What to keep in mind?

Remember not to use essential oils during pregnancy and breastfeeding without consultation with a doctor. Essential oils shouldn’t be used with small children without consulting with a specialist too. Try to avoid using oils right on your skin – the only exceptions are tea tree and lavender oils. And most importantly – fall in love with vegan essential oils and the vegan lifestyle in general! Using high-quality oils is a game worth playing! 

mixed oils, fragrance sticks


People who want to take care of their health should use vegan essential oils, no doubt. They are not tested on animals. They use the power of plants. There are so many ways of using essential oils – in a bath, in the home SPA, in your wardrobe, and even in your vacuum. Make the most of it!

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