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Vegan face mask — part of your everyday beauty treatments

Vegan facial mask — why should you try it?

These days we pay a lot of attention to our daily skincare routine and we put considerable effort into selecting the best products that are supposed to help us achieve the desired effects. We want to look good, this is beyond doubt. Perfectly clean and pleasantly glowing skin is the dream of many. We know that spectacular eye make-up or shining juicy lips are not enough: when our skin is marked with imperfections, our self-confidence plummets, and all those colors we’ve applied to our face with so much care and deliberation simply start to fade. What to do then, one might ask, to get healthier-looking skin? How to sift through the overwhelming abundance of beauty treatment products that are currently available and advertised with almost aggressive persistence? Such questions having been posed, we are rushing to offer you one simple answer: try a vegan face mask.

Why should you give it a go? What outcomes can you expect? Stay with us and you’ll find out.

Face masks in a nutshell

Why are face masks worth including in your daily face treatments? In general, they are specially designed to improve the appearance of your face by exposing your skin to a concentrated dose of valuable ingredients and letting it soak them up for a certain amount of time. This can help you — provided you choose the right ingredients — combat various issues typical of your skin type in a more effective way.

Why vegan?

The right ingredients, so they say. But what does it mean? In order to address this question, we need to start by explaining why you should opt for vegan face masks rather than reach for conventional alternatives. Vegan cosmetics are made with the use of natural components — no harsh chemicals, synthetically-derived ingredients, or other nasties are used in the manufacturing process, which reduces the risk of irritating your skin, causing allergies or simply making your skin condition worse in any other way. Furthermore, because such cosmetics are also free of animal ingredients, using them means that you help protect the environment, and by opposing the violation of animal rights, you contribute significantly to the wide-reaching consciousness-raising movement.

Various kinds of vegan face masks

There are a number of different face masks that display various skin improving qualities, depending on what ingredients have been used to make them. Let’s have a look at the list of benefits you can expect.

Deep hydration

All skin types need hydration to stay radiant and young for longer. If you want to keep your skin moisturized, sleep masks with shea butter are likely to produce spectacular effects. Other super moisturizing masks include such ingredients as intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid, rosehip and jojoba oils, moroccan argan extract, or coconut, to name just a few.

Detoxifying and refreshing

Good-looking skin is healthy skin. If your skin needs cleansing, opt for cosmetics that will purify your pores and — in case of oily and combination skin types — remove any excess oil. A clay mask, for example with bamboo charcoal, will be a perfect option to remove dead skin cells and suck dirt, even if you have sensitive skin that needs gentle purification to avoid redness. Rich in minerals, mud masks are also great when it comes to reducing impurities, treating blackheads and adding a healthy glow to your skin. Removing pollutants and toxins is also vital if you want to refresh your skin and provide nourishment. Formulas that contain aloe vera, avocado, tea tree, or rosemary oil help you soothe acne-prone skin and visibly improve the skin tone, whereas rice bran oil combined with antioxidants and vitamins can effectively fight dark circles.

There are different types of vegan face masks

Preventing aging

Have you spotted wrinkles on your face? If so, you will need natural enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and antioxidants like vitamin C or vitamin E, to stimulate collagen production, promote elasticity, revive dull skin and fight free radicals. With this in mind, you can look for products that contain oat extract, pumpkin or kiwi extracts.

Repairing sun damage

Too much sun can negatively affect your skin, which is why you need to ration it reasonably. Certain facial masks will repair the damage resulting from prolonged sun exposure. To help your skin cells regenerate, reach for skincare cosmetics that have anti-inflammatory properties, contain antioxidants, moisturize your skin and strengthen your skin barrier. Green tea, aloe vera, or argan oil are examples of ingredients that offer soothing and proper hydration for your skin.

Vegan face mask — try it out

Cream masks, sheet masks or gel masks — whatever your personal favorite is — are all products that, thanks to the power of carefully selected natural ingredients, can visibly improve the condition of your skin. Choosing vegan products is also an indication of your increased consciousness of the influence you have on the world we live in and greater sensitivity to the needs this world is calling for. 

Think of your skin now. It’s unique and it has its special requirements. With our products, you are certain to find the face mask that will meet them all, with a spectacular effect.

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