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Vegan makeup for teenage beginners — 10 useful tips

If I asked young girls what they know about makeup, I’d probably end up making notes. Such in-depth knowledge it would probably be. How do they know so much? The answer is simple: social media, TikTok, YouTube, you name it — they are all bursting with thorough guides and tutorials on how to skillfully apply makeup or what cosmetics are currently absolute must-have. And it is teenagers that constitute a receptive audience.

A teen makeup bag should contain only the best makeup products for natural-looking effects

The majority of girls pay enormous attention to their appearance — they want to look perfect, so they put on makeup. Still, it is not always easy for them to sift through the barrage of recommended beauty products and makeup brands and choose those which are most likely to meet the needs of their young skin.

So, if you feel you may need some education on what daily makeup routine a teenage girl should establish, read on. I’ll give you some valuable tips that you or the teen in your life may find worth following.

Useful makeup tips

Time to get to the point and focus on some big questions. What’s the best makeup for teens? What kind of products are recommended and why? Here come the answers.

Going veggie

Trying to differentiate between what is good and what is bad for teen skin, you may want to have a look at lists of ingredients used in cosmetic products. And if you want to make sure that you don’t apply anything that contains toxic additives, harmful chemicals, or animal-derived components, you may want to go for vegan cosmetics. Thanks to their natural formula and carefully selected plant-based ingredients, they are considered to have a great range of benefits for your skin and health. By choosing vegan makeup, we also make a significant step toward the future by raising people’s awareness of the importance of both the environment and animal rights protection.

For healthy skin and the perfect look obtained with the use of natural ingredients, you can reach for vegan products

Teen makeup kit tools

Applying makeup — similarly to other beauty procedures — requires some tools that facilitate the whole process and ensure better effects. What should you have in your kit? A set of basic accessories usually include several makeup brushes, sponges, and a makeup mirror. Having these gathered, you can proceed to the next stage, which is the makeup application itself.

Add a set of brushes to your teen makeup kit


As young skin is not marked with wrinkles or fine lines, it doesn’t need any heavy foundation that is typically used for a smoothening effect. A tinted moisturizer or a light BB cream are perfectly sufficient to make teen skin look fresh and pleasantly glowing and stay properly hydrated. They can also even out your skin tone. Products of this type vary, depending on what skin type you have and whether you want subtle coverage or need an oil-free cosmetic that will help you hide your hormonal spots, acne or other imperfections, without any aggravation of your skin condition.

Generally speaking, it’s best to look for products that don’t contain parabens, silicone and chemical preservatives, especially if you have sensitive and dry skin or oily skin; instead, opt for vegan cosmetics that are composed of naturally-derived ingredients (e.g. natural seed oils, hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts) and make sure there’s SPF — all to let your skin remain young for long and make it well protected from UV rays.


Use a concealer to hide spots and even out your skin tone

There’s nothing unusual in that teen skin is super clean and smooth in one place, but spotted with little imperfections in another. Such moodiness calls for a cosmetic that will help you effectively cover the problematic areas without the necessity of applying it on the whole face. That’s what a good concealer is for. It can successfully prevent spots, redness and dark circles from being visible, thus contributing to boosting your self-confidence. You can also find a concealer that meets the demands of every skin type.

There is a great variety of concealers on the market, ranging from stick-style products to liquid concealers which — thanks to their creamy consistency — are easily applicable. All types come in a multiplicity of shades, and there is a fair number of high-quality vegan options that are literally packed with natural components.


Mascara is by far one of the most popular beauty products, and the reason for this is not particularly hard to guess. Eyelashes look best when they are at least slightly enhanced, and it is the mascara that adds this unique definition to your eyes by coloring, lengthening, thickening, and curling your eyelashes. A good product of this type is supposed to stay where it has been applied (no smudges or tiny little flakes under your eyes are intended) all day long with no need to put on additional coats. Also, with a good mascara, your eyelashes should be nicely separated — of course, it needs to be applied skillfully, but if the product is of poor quality, even the greatest effort may not be enough to avoid unattractive clumps and excessively heavy look. Proper nourishment needs to be provided as well in order to strengthen and revitalize your lashes. The area around your eyes is very sensitive, which is why it’s vital that you look for vegan cosmetics that won’t irritate your eyes or weaken the gentle structure of your lashes.

Mascara can make your lashes look longer and thicker

Eyeliner and eyeshadows

If you want your eyes to be more pronounced, you can enrich your makeup routine even further and put eyeliners and eyeshadows in your teen makeup kit. It’s best to apply them reasonably — choose subtle and natural colors that bring out your natural beauty, instead of going for a heavy look that will unnecessarily make you look older. There are many good quality products available on the market that provide a long-lasting effect and — thanks to the variety of colors they come in —allow beginners to experiment with different shades. Some contour pencils are very soft and highly pigmented, so they may also be applied to your eyelids — just use your fingers to blend them out and your eyes will look amazing in an instant.

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Brow gel

When it comes to eyebrows, it is very easy to cross the line and look a bit over the top as a result. Applying too much color, or choosing one that doesn’t quite suit you, can create a caricature effect and ruin even the best makeup. Tinted brow gel is a great option for teens because of the natural look that can be achieved with it. Such gel brushes through your eyebrows, thickening them and adding a bit of color that fills any gaps between individual hairs. To make sure your eyebrows and your skin around them are well taken care of, choose vegan products that don’t contain any harsh chemicals and are suitable for all types of skin.


If you dream of rosy cheeks, you can use some subtle blush. You can find some multi-functional products that can be used also as lipstick or eyeshadow and that offer slight enhancement that doesn’t disrupt your natural look. Investigating the ingredients list, look for components that help keep your skin moisturized and nourished, like shea butter, vitamin E, and natural oils.

Lip products

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Whether you like to wear a liquid lipstick or a lip gloss, whether you opt for cream lipsticks or prefer lip color balms, the key tip for you is to go for sheer colors that emphasize your the natural beauty of your lips, moisturize them and, optionally, give them a bit of shine.

Wash it off

When you start wearing your makeup on a daily basis, you need to pay attention to proper cleansing at the end of the day. Always remove your makeup if it’s no longer needed so that your skin can breathe after a few hours of exposure to different substances. Even natural ingredients which do not harm your skin and can therefore be used safely, when left on your face for too long may clog your pores and negatively affect your skin barrier. Using a gentle face wash will be a nice finishing touch to your daily skincare routine.

Apply makeup and look your age

No matter if you are setting out on your first makeup adventure, or you want to be a knowledgeable advisor for your teenage beginner, some education on good vegan makeup practices is a valuable asset. It can help shape a young person’s perception of what their skin needs, what makes certain products more beneficial than others, and how to skillfully bring out what’s best in their beauty without looking unnaturally.

Choose high quality products from recommended makeup brands
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