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vegan foundation

Is vegan makeup foundation good for the skin?

These days more and more people are becoming interested in a vegan lifestyle. As they become intrigued by healthy, vegan food, they decide to switch to plant-based diets. What’s more, they look for ecological solutions. For example, they refuse to eat meat, honey, and milk products. They don’t wear woolen clothes and leather accessories. And consequently, they choose vegan cosmetics. The vegan foundation is one of them. It turns out that the philosophy of cosmetics is crucial, but… is vegan foundation good for skin? What should we know about this cosmetic?

What is the meaning of vegan cosmetics in general?

The vegan foundation is one of the vegan cosmetics available on the cosmetics market. Pretty often, we can notice the terms “vegan”, “vegan friendly” and “cruelty-free” on cosmetics packages. Some people may be confused about those terms. That’s why, at the very beginning, it would be reasonable to explore the meaning of vegan cosmetics in general.

In a simplified way, a vegan cosmetic is a vegan makeup product that was produced without the use of animal derived ingredients. Such a product is usually formulated without animal testing (bear in mind that “vegan” and “cruelty-free” are not interchangeable, although one very often accompanies the other). It usually has an organic certificate confirming that all the ingredients of the product were obtained from organic farms, without the use of GMO. It is an environmentally friendly solution. All vegan beauty products are based on natural plant and herbal extracts. They are also rich in mineral components.

What is a vegan foundation, then?

Referring to the previous paragraph, a vegan foundation is a cosmetic based on plants, free of artificial components. Vegan foundations are manufactured in compliance with the resources of the planet. Make-up made with the use of such a foundation is light and doesn’t burden the skin.

A vegan foundation doesn’t contain chemicals. It is always made without synthetic fragrances which irritate the skin. Using this type of foundation is beneficial for our health and for the environment. Some ingredients cannot be found in any vegan cosmetic (including vegan foundation): honey, beeswax, bee pollen, silk, propolis, keratin, silkworm cocoons, lanolin, snail slime, spider silk, and snake venom.

What should vegan foundations contain?

If you wonder what kind of ingredients you can find in vegan formulas, let us explain. You will probably find hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and extracts such as thyme extract, chamomile extract, aloe vera extract, calendula flower extract, olive leaf extract, magnolia bark extract, lavender flower extract, cactus flower extract, cucumber extract, and rosemary leaf extract. They keep the skin hydrated!

Vegan foundations also contain vitamins such as vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and provitamin B5. You can also find coconut water, flower water, green tea, avocado seed oil, bamboo, alpine rose and pomegranates in some foundations. Other possible ingredients are organic aloe leaf juice, jojoba oils, marula, plant-based squalane and many more!

cruelty free full coverage formula

Vegan makeup foundation — vegan makeup tips

There are a few vegan makeup tips that facilitate doing makeup. They may be useful, especially for teenagers. What’s the secret of great vegan makeup for teenagers? First of all, you have to go veggie! Forget about everything that is toxic and harmful to your skin. The second thing is investing in the right set of basic accessories such as sponges, brushes, and one makeup mirror.

The rest is easy. Moisturise skin with a light vegan BB cream. Cover the problematic areas with a good concealer. Use mascara that revitalizes lashes. You can subtly apply eyeliner in a natural color if you want to. Don’t try to look older than you are. Don’t hesitate to use brow gel. Make yourself rosy cheeks with some subtle blush. Quite simple, but also spectacular!

What are the types of vegan foundations?

In fact, there are four main types of vegan foundations that give us great opportunities. You can choose the foundation that suits you best. BB cream (which we mentioned before), liquid foundation, cream foundation or powder foundation? Which one should you choose?

BB cream

BB stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. With BB cream, it would be more than easy to achieve a natural look. BB creams are designed to take care of the skin and moisturize it. And at the same time, they improve the appearance of the skin, just like makeup does.

There are medium coverage and full coverage vegan BB creams available on the market. BB cream evens skin tone and gives your skin a radiant, healthy glow. It’s a perfect foundation for unproblematic skin. If you have the impression that “traditional” non-vegan foundations clog pores, you should pick BB cream. Forget about a mask effect. BB cream will emphasize your natural beauty, and it won’t melt off by the end of a hot, sunny day.

Liquid foundation

The next type of foundation is the one in a liquid version. It can be used for most different types of skin. It doesn’t matter if you have dry skin or oily skin. You will always find something for yourself in the category of liquid foundations. Dry skin will enjoy moisturizing liquid foundations, and oily skin will like oil free foundations. What’s more, some liquid foundations are rich in ocean minerals, which is why they have a deep sea hydrating complex. Each dehydrated skin will love it.

The delicate texture of this vegan formula provides the skin with light coverage. The skin remains soft, and you are 100% ready to go to work or on a date. Liquid foundation gives you a fresh appearance. There are no clogged pores. Quite the opposite — vegan foundations provide a feeling of hydration. They are easy to apply (you can use a brush, sponge, or your fingers), that’s why they’re suitable for “beginners”. 

Cream foundation

If you want to enjoy smooth skin and a perfectly balanced complexion, a cream foundation with a light creamy texture can be the right choice for you. This foundation provides excellent coverage, but it doesn’t mean it lacks hydrating properties. You can have these two things at once! 

Full coverage foundation brightens the skin, covers skin imperfections, and unifies the skin color. It lasts long on the skin. It is the densest of all the mentioned foundations, so it’s a perfect solution for blemished skin, demanding skin, and acne prone skin, as it can cover acne scars too. There is also an option for those who want a matte finish.

Powder foundation

Finally, a product that works wonders for oily skin owners is the best vegan matte foundation, a vegan powder foundation! There are many compact powder foundations currently on the market. Almost every skin type can benefit from the powder foundation, including problematic skin.

Powder foundation perfectly fixes makeup, conceals imperfections, brightens the skin, or mattifies it, depending on your skin needs. It doesn’t cause irritation. It contains high quality minerals that give us a soothing effect. The loose powder makes us look young and beautiful and is very efficient.

natural finish foundation

Why should you choose a vegan version of the foundation?

Non-vegan foundations usually contain Cyclomethycaine, triethanolamine, and dimethicone – these are chemicals that can do a lot of damage to your skin and to your health. Don’t do it to yourself and stop using them. Choosing vegan foundations is a way healthier option! Such foundations are safe for sensitive skin, combination skin and, actually, for all skin types.

Variety of vegan foundations

There are many kinds of vegan foundations. They are available in a variety of shades. All of them have clean compositions. Not only that, they are usually packed in recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

A price worth paying

The price of vegan foundations is another very important factor. The best vegan foundations offer excellent value for money. They are definitely worth the money. If you choose cheaper non-vegan products, you would probably have to spend even more on treating irritated or damaged skin.

long wear foundation


At the beginning of this article, we have asked a question. Is vegan foundation good for the skin? Let’s summarize what we’ve learned. Vegan foundations are cruelty-free. No animal is harmed. There are no animal ingredients inside the foundation. The vegan product contains only “good”, plant-based ingredients loved by the skin. Not only that, each skin likes the portion of the nutritional components. Each skin likes to have a choice. When it comes to vegan foundations, the choice is huge! The answer is simple: vegan foundation is incredibly good for skin!

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