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skinimalism - skin care routine

What is skinimalism?

Have you ever heard about the latest beauty trend called skinimalism? It’s good wordplay — skin, and minimalism combined. What that could mean in practice? Is it only a temporary trend, or will it stay with us for longer? Read the article and find out!

What exactly does skinimalism mean?

Skinimalism, which is also known as skin minimalism, is a beauty trend that is constantly becoming more and more popular. Its main rule is “less means more”. The idea behind this is to reduce the number of beauty treatments on the skin to a minimum.

This is something completely opposite to a multi-stage and complex skin routine. The skin care industry became aware of how simple our everyday routines could be. If you want to come round to skinimalism, you need a minimalist approach to taking care of your skin. You will finally notice your natural beauty, your natural skin texture will shine, and you’ll deepen your self-love!

Skinimalism goes hand in hand with a “slow life” philosophy

The concept of skinimalism fits into the philosophy of slow living. It may seem that people who practice skin minimalism are focused only on themselves and spend long hours taking care of their appearance, but it’s not true.

Simplicity is the key. By “slow” we mean that we are able to resist pressure to follow the latest beauty news. Instead, conscious consumers and skinimalism lovers know it’s much better to slowly and carefully select simple and basic skincare products that support skin health.

Multi-stage skincare routine is no longer needed

The coronavirus pandemic greatly impacted the development of the skinimalism trend due to the restrictions. People had less opportunity to regularly visit drugstores, and, at some point, many people quit wearing makeup. Complex skin care was the last thing people needed at that time.

sensitive skin

Your morning skincare routine — what should it be like?

First, if you want to plan your skincare routine in the spirit of skinimalism, you ought to know your skin type. Is it normal, dry, or oily? Or maybe it’s a combination of those two types? Your skin may also be sensitive. You should know it before you come up with such a plan. Also, if you are prone to allergies, be careful with what you apply to your skin.

Pay attention to what else can be harmful to your skin. UV radiation, air pollution, air humidity, certain cosmetic ingredients, some food products… all these things are not without significance. First, you should start reducing things in your life that are clearly not good for you.

Read the ingredients. Going for practical minimalism and a short composition of products is the best solution. Search for vegan skin care products — they are cruelty-free and never tested on animals, which is an additional plus and a decisive factor for some people. Avoid unnecessary products with perfume, and you are likely to forget about a damaged skin barrier, irritation, or redness. 

beauty routines

Taking care of your skin in a reasonable way — step by step 

Start with cleansing. There are people who are convinced that there’s no need to wash their faces in the morning. Don’t be that kind of person. Washing your face before bedtime is not enough. Use vegan face wash — a high-quality facial cleanser.

Then, you ought to use a vegan moisturizer. Depending on their formula and texture, there are different types of moisturizers — you can choose between creams, lotions, and gels. Choose one with hyaluronic acid. The next step is using vegan sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen is a must at any time of year, not only in summer.

Don’t forget about vegan face masks. Don’t use them every day, 1-3 times a week will be enough. Depending on what your skin needs, you can use:

  • a clay mask that helps detoxify the pores,
  • a sleep mask with shea butter which makes your skin perfectly hydrated,
  • a green tea sheet mask that repairs sun damage,
  • an aloe vera mask with a drop of vitamin C which enhances your glow

and many more. Choose wisely!

multitasking products

Implementation of skinimalism — what are the benefits?

Why is skinimalism beneficial? Well, there are some reasons. 

Saving money

One of the biggest benefits of skinimalism is that we spend less money on cosmetics. We only buy necessary skincare products with active ingredients, such as simple vegan skin masks, vegan face washes, and vegan moisturizers. Thanks to that, our skin is healthy, hydrated, and problem-free, and we have more money left in our pockets.

Saving time

After putting skinimalism into practice, we gain time. We no longer have to perform many actions connected with skincare. We don’t spend countless hours in the bathroom for our skin to feel and look good. We can use the time to do something different, something enjoyable, for example, develop a new hobby.

Not exposing the skin to many chemicals

It starts innocently. You buy one cosmetic. The next day you see some new product in a commercial and decide to buy it. After some time, you are given a recommendation on a certain skin product from your friend… and guess what? You run to the drug shop to buy it too.

Unfortunately, you keep forgetting that your friend’s skin and skin are not the same, and they “like” different cosmetics. After all, you are responsible for exposing your skin to many chemicals. Your skincare routine is ill-considered because you’re constantly testing new products, which has a negative effect on your skin. You can avoid this by leaning towards skinimalism. 

Glowing skin & healthy skin

Your skin deserves love and care. It will feel loved and taken care of when you focus on quality, not quantity. Do it for your skin, and good will come your way – the skin will be glowing and healthy and look “awake” thanks to the skinimalist routine. You won’t see dry or unevenly textured skin in the mirror anymore. It will be smooth, adequately hydrated, not too dry, and not too oily. Just perfectly balanced skin.

healthy skin


It seems that skinimalism is much more than just a temporary trend. It will definitely stay with us for a very long time. It has so many advantages and helps us save money and time. Our skin glows, and we also glow because we’re happy and in excellent health. Skinimalism changes life for the better.

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