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zero waste eyeliner

Zero waste eyeliner โ€” does it really work?

A zero waste lifestyle is becoming more and more popular all around the world. An increasing number of people have decided to have a hand in protecting the environment. They want to live in harmony with nature. One of the examples of zero waste activities carried out by people of all ages is using zero waste makeup. What about a zero waste eyeliner? Does it really work? Let’s figure it out together!

What is zero waste in general?

By “zero waste” we mean that things should not be used carelessly. In practice, people try to eliminate the generation of excessive amounts of waste that burden the environment. While shopping, they choose eco-friendly and natural everyday products. They pick products in biodegradable packaging. This also applies to cosmetic products. Living in the spirit of zero waste is incomparably better.

The 5 R rule

There are five rules of the zero waste approach, all starting with the letter “R”, so they’re easy to remember: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. The first one โ€” REFUSE โ€” applies to saying “no” to plastic and disposable packaging. REDUCE is about minimizing the number of unnecessary things such as plastic cutlery.

REUSE suggests we should try to give a second life to some products. Example? If you have finished your cream, don’t throw away the jar, and you will find a new application for it for sure! Tossing your beauty waste into the trash without thinking it through isn’t the best idea.ย 

RECYCLE refers to waste sorting and, later on, waste recycling. And the last one, ROT, encourages people to buy products of plant origin that break down in an environmentally friendly manner.

the best zero waste makeup

What is zero waste eyeliner, then?

Zero waste makeup brands do their best to satisfy the needs of their customers. That’s why buying a zero waste mascara or a zero waste fully recyclable eyeliner is not a problem at all. By calling an eyeliner “zero waste” we mean a good quality vegan product that doesn’t damage our skin. The product is long-lasting and, at the same time, is environmentally friendly. The product is made from essential oils, non-toxic mineral pigments, and vitamins. Let’s give an example.

Is pencil eyeliner coming back as a plant?

Once your eco pencil eyeliner is used up, you are able to plant it in your backyard! How does it work? Trees are turned into pencils. To be more precise, they become pencil eyeliners. Later they come back as a plant. This is only one of the ideas of using eyeliners more consciously and ecologically.

Liquid eyeliner from organic ingredients only

Another solution is to buy a liquid eyeliner that includes organic ingredients only โ€” organic oils, flower extracts etc. Such vegan eyeliners are cruelty-free, never tested on animals, and don’t contain ingredients of animal origin. Thanks to their natural composition, they are long-lasting. Even all day long, your zero waste makeup will look perfect! Eyeliners are plastic free, palm-oil free, and they fit in with the approach of zero waste!

The cosmetics market is overloaded with non-biodegradable products

The cosmetics market is full of eyeliners of various forms, including pencil, brush, gel and liquid eyeliners. There are different types of eyeliners โ€” classic, double, cat-eye, Egyptian and smokey. Each year, 10-12 billion eyeliners are produced. That’s a lot, right? Imagine those eyeliners are sometimes made with plastics and chemicals. That’s not good for our planet. The step towards the zero waste approach and conscious choices is badly needed.

natural makeup, natural beauty

What are the benefits of zero waste eyeliner?

The biggest benefit of zero waste beauty products, including eyeliners, is that they work. They make you look and feel naturally beautiful and radiant. A good eyeliner adds glamor. Zero waste eyeliners make your eyes beautifully enhanced. They have gentle formulas, and this is something great for sensitive eyes.

Plastic free packaging

Today in the stores, you can find eyeliners made from such materials as compostable bamboo tubes. Putting eyeliner into zero waste packaging is definitely beneficial for our planet. It starts with eco-friendly packaging, and then we immediately want to do more good. It’s addictive! You won’t buy anything in plastic packaging anymore.

No parabens, no silicone, no sulfates

The next advantage of a zero waste eyeliner is that it has no parabens, no silicone, no carbon black pigment, and no Polyethylene Glycol. Such products have organic certification, which simply means that they have clean composition. And thanks to that, they let you feel a feeling of freshness.

One change brings new opportunities

The additional advantage is that we become more curious and want more. Choosing a zero waste eyeliner is no longer enough; it’s just the beginning of our zero waste journey. We want all our cosmetics to be as eco-friendly as possible. We want to switch to totally waste free vegan makeup.

vegan cruelty free


Responding to the question posed in the title: a zero waste eyeliner definitely does work. It has many advantages. Our sensitive eyes will thank us for it. Our planet Earth will thank us later. We buy cruelty-free products. Packaging of zero waste cosmetics is always made of recycled materials โ€” recycled paper, glass bottles etc. Most ingredients are plant oils, such as coconut oil or organic castor oil. They all have many powerful properties and are worth using!

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