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vegan foundation

Is vegan makeup foundation good for the skin?

These days more and more people are becoming interested in a vegan lifestyle. As they become intrigued by healthy, vegan food, they decide to switch to plant-based diets. What’s more, they look for ecological solutions. For example, they refuse to eat meat, honey, and milk products. They don’t wear woolen clothes and leather accessories. And […]

hypoallergenic cosmetics

Hypoallergenic cosmetics β€” what you need to know

If you struggle with skin diseases or allergies, or if you have sensitive epidermis, no doubt you know them. Also, if you have ever searched for cosmetics for babies, no doubt you have come across them.Β  What we mean by β€œthem” is hypoallergenic cosmetics β€” multipurpose silent heroes. These universal cosmetics should be found in […]

castor oil

Castor oil for skin β€” a good or bad idea?

In recent times, we have seen a trend towards naturalness. This is especially true for natural medicines used for centuries by our ancestors. Castor oil is experiencing a renaissance. Ricin is one of the oldest natural compounds used in folk medicine as a laxative. But it turns out that castor oil works wonderfully in the […]

zero waste eyeliner

Zero waste eyeliner β€” does it really work?

A zero waste lifestyle is becoming more and more popular all around the world. An increasing number of people have decided to have a hand in protecting the environment. They want to live in harmony with nature. One of the examples of zero waste activities carried out by people of all ages is using zero […]

vegan face oils

How to use vegan face oils?

Vegan face oils can work wonders. After putting oil on your face, dry patches virtually disappear. The face becomes more harmonious, fresh, radiant, and well-relaxed. Oils help soothe and smooth skin. Calendula oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and many more β€” when to use them and, above all, how to use them? We have created […]

skinimalism - skin care routine

What is skinimalism?

Have you ever heard about the latest beauty trend called skinimalism? It’s good wordplay β€” skin, and minimalism combined. What that could mean in practice? Is it only a temporary trend, or will it stay with us for longer? Read the article and find out! What exactly does skinimalism mean? Skinimalism, which is also known […]

Your natural skin care routine

The complete natural skincare guide

The crazy and hectic world of today requires that we are perfectly organized multitaskers. The result is that we usually do not have time for ourselves. Pursuing a career, reinforcing relationships, and nurturing children β€” these are tremendously absorbing, so it’s no surprise that we tend to neglect our needs and stop bothering to find […]

A vegan eyeshadow palette

Vegan and traditional eyeshadows β€” are they different?

Think about makeup. What you are probably picturing now is the image of eyes spectacularly enhanced with a more or less generous touch of eyeshadow. Indeed, eyes provide much space for creative makeup artists to experiment β€” whether it is the vividness or the subtlety of colors, skillful eye makeup undeniably has the potential to […]

A cruelty-free and vegan deodorant β€” clean scent and simple ingredients that keep you feeling fresh

Is a Vegan Deodorant Healthy?

The thing that most people find really repulsive is the ripe scent that your nose can easily detect on a crowded bus in the middle of a scorching hot summer day. Are you wrinkling your nose right now? If you are, it means you are reminiscent of this kind of experience. Knowing how unpleasant a […]

Vegan face mask β€” part of your everyday beauty treatments

Vegan facial mask β€” why should you try it?

These days we pay a lot of attention to our daily skincare routine and we put considerable effort into selecting the best products that are supposed to help us achieve the desired effects. We want to look good, this is beyond doubt. Perfectly clean and pleasantly glowing skin is the dream of many. We know […]

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