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Who has not been saved by their personal and very precious deodorant before? This is one of the skincare items that almost anyone in the world can claim as a considerable part of their life. For most people, deodorant products are a top pick in their daily skincare routine. They provide odor protection all day long, helping to fight against unwanted sweat. There are options for both men and women, giving everyone something to choose from.

Deodorant vs antiperspirant: Not quite the same

If not properly informed, one could easily think that deodorants and antiperspirants are pretty much the same types of products. Yes, they both are applied to your underarms. Yes, they both can be vegan and cruelty-free. But they are definitively not the same product, nor should you mistake them as such.

Here is an in-depth summary of the basics of each one of these beauty products.

How deodorant works

Deodorants actually work by avoiding bad body scent. The formula found on deodorant acts to destroy the bacteria of your sweat, the one guilty of all the nasty odors. This way, you are still sweaty but at least you smell good.

How antiperspirant works

Antiperspirants are a bit different since they actually work to prevent the sweat glands to prevent any transpiration from being generated. Then, the little sweat that does form is neutralized from your body chemistry to destroy the bacteria that cause the bad scent. Antiperspirant has a slightly different process from deodorant, as you can see, but they both get the job done.

Now, let’s talk about vegan and cruelty-free deodorant

What makes a deodorant vegan? Why should you choose it instead of regular antiperspirants or deodorants? Here is everything you should know before the next time you go shopping for body scent products.

Vegan deodorant 101

Vegan deodorants are those that have no animal by-products in them. Cruelty-free and vegan deodorants are pant-based and have not undergone any testing on animals. Finally, natural vegan deodorants are most likely your best choice within this category of skincare products. These are made from all-natural ingredients such as essential oils, mineral salts, and baking soda. Since natural, cruelty-free, and vegan deodorant is made with chemical-free compounds, it is the product favorite of people with sensitive skin.

Vegan deodorants vs regular deodorants

Benefits of going naturally vegan on this product

No animals were harmed by these deodorant brands

Cruelty-free and vegan means plant-based, so you know none of your animal friends were hurt to create the formula of your favorite deodorant cream.

Not a single synthetic fragrance is involved

You surely do not want any strange compounds in your body, right? Well, a vegan deodorant only has the scent of its natural ingredients. These can include shea butter, coconut oil, and rose water. In case you have a more sensitive skin, you can always opt for something with a fragrance-free formula. There a lot of great options available in today’s beauty market that can accommodate anyone’s needs.

You are taking care of the environment

Eco-friendly packaging, honest company policies, sustainable sourcing of every ingredient, and much more. This is what you can expect when shopping for a vegan deodorant. No more second-guessing how much you actually protecting the environment and this wonderful green world of ours. Switch to a vegan deodorant for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Natural deodorant = natural ingredients

As mentioned before, natural deodorant is made of nothing but good for your body and skin. It is an aluminum-free deodorant and it has a great number of organic compounds. Get used to seeing a lot of shea butter, baking soda, essential oils, corn starch, and other 100% plant-sourced ingredients on the list when you are checking the labels of your products at the store. It is all part of wearing only the best on your body. Even more with sensitive skin, you can sleep tight at night knowing your dermis is safe.

You will actually smell better

Did you know that, despite their sweat-blocking properties, antiperspirants do not really take care of the bad odors? It might sound illogical, but is the truth. Because this product was designed for avoiding the production of transpiration, and not for neutralizing odors, natural deodorants are more effective at helping you smell better.

Goodbye yellow deodorant stains

The aluminum in your regular deodorant might be tainting your favorite t-shirt or blouse with annoying yellow stains. No one likes noticing such poor results when using a product, that is for sure. Even if the company has reassured you that their deodorant cream or stick deodorant does not leave any stains, ever, the aluminum in it can have a poor reaction to the protein of your skin. Therefore, leading to staining. Since natural vegan deodorants do not contain harsh chemicals like aluminum, you can wear that white shirt without a single concern in the world.

Harsh chemicals commonly found in deodorants

A non-vegan deodorant might have a few of these toxic compounds sneaked into its ingredients list. You should avoid them at all costs unless you want bad things to happen to your skin. Here are a few of the ingredients you should beware of when shopping for a new deodorant at your local market. You should note that it is always best to search for the email address of the company you are buying from and contacting them directly to clear out any doubt about the products.

Check out the list below to see which compounds you should avoid:

Propylene glycol

This harmful ingredient is luckily anywhere near a vegan deodorant. It is often used as a softener and moisturizer in more than three different skincare and cosmetic products. There have been cases of nausea, vertigo, severe neurological symptoms, and even seizures. You definitively do not want these side effects, so just find yourself a natural deodorant instead.


This dangerous chemical is a toxic metal-based compound and functions as an endocrine disruptor, messing the well-being of the central and peripheral nervous system. The side effects of aluminum can include Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, hormonal disruption, brain disorders, oxidative damage in the skin, and neurotoxicity. This is why it is crucial to make sure to wear aluminum-free vegan deodorant, to avoid risking your health for a simple product.


Recognized as one of the principal endocrine disruptors, this synthetic antimicrobial agent imitates and interferes with all the body’s hormones located in the endocrine system. It can inflame your colon, cause thyroid problems, and has been recently linked with adverse birth defects. You are much better off buying a natural deodorant than risking any of all these side effects.

Animal byproducts to avoid in your vegan deodorant

Nobody enjoys being deceived, especially when it comes to products that will get into our bodies. Because, yes, indeed, that is the case with any vegan deodorant or regular deodorant out there. 60% of what goes to our skin ends up absorbed by our body, affecting our organs and internal systems in the process. So why wouldn’t you be careful not to cross paths with animal byproducts or harsh chemicals? Fear not, here is a list of what compounds to look for when checking the ingredient selection of your next natural deodorant. These might show up often on the list of regular deodorants and other personal care products.

  • Beeswax and Cera Alba (produced by bees)
  • Oleic acid (animal fat)
  • Squalene (shark liver oil)
  • Glycerine (derived from animal fat)
  • Lanolin (derived from sheep wool)

Beware of all these products next time you are shopping! It is better to be safe than sorry once you come home and do some googling about the company or product.

Types of vegan deodorants

Vegan deodorant can come in many shapes and forms, and with a few different textures too. There is more than just your traditional deodorant stick. Depending on your personal preferences, you can pick which one of these you like the most for your daily skincare routine. Now, onto the various types.

Cream deodorant

These usually come in a small glass jar and have a whipped or foamy formula. It is a frosting or bakery cream-like paste, perfect for getting rid of any underarm funk. You can scoop it out with a spatula or simply use your fingers to apply it to the skin. Then, massage it for a little bit and you are good to go.

Traditional stick

Stick deodorants are your best bet if you are a traditional on-the-go gal. These are solid, almost with a wax-like texture, and do not leave you with any kind of wetness or stiffness in your underarm. It gives full coverage with a quick swipe.

Roll-on gel

This type of vegan deodorant is another classic one, yet this might not be everyone’s favorite. Since it comes in a gel format, it takes a while to fully dry in your armpits and it leaves the underarms wet for a couple of minutes. Even though this is surely not at all a terrible deal-breaker, a stick can seem more convenient to a majority of skincare users.

Spray deodorant

A spray can give a super quick application, just a quick swing of the wrist, and you are done, but its coverage might not be quite enough for some people. But, because it goes through the air before reaching your armpit, coverage might not be enough.

Ready to shop for your next vegan deodorant?

If you are convinced that vegan deodorant is the best choice for your lifestyle, you may now start shopping for one. This cruelty-free and vegan alternative to an everyday product is not only the safest and healthiest for you but also the most sustainable way for you to protect yourself from unwanted body odors.