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Although our foundation, lipstick, and eyeshadow look sharp, eyeliner is essential to give a striking finish to the look. Together with mascara, this beauty cosmetic implements a stunning before and after at the moment of its application.

Its importance in makeup makes it the main item in beauty routines, for this reason, it is important to acquire a good quality product that does not damage our skin and lasts long enough during the day.

For this, you can opt for vegan eyeliner, which is an environmentally friendly alternative and does not harm your health or your skin. These beauty products are the new way of living makeup and beauty. That’s why today we bring you all the information you need to know about these products.

Stay with us and give yourself a chance to switch to a greener and healthier routine.

What is vegan eyeliner made of?

Unlike eyeliners with regular formulas, vegan and cruelty-free eyeliners are free of harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulfates, which can ultimately cause damage to our eyes, skin, and overall health.

The formula of these products is based mainly on natural ingredients such as essential oils, vitamins, and non-toxic mineral pigments, that are used to achieve the different shades that the product offers.

Why choose this option?

Aside from the natural ingredients that the vegan eyeliner comes with, it is not tested on animals, nor does it contain any type of animal ingredients. The formulas of these cosmetics are natural and cruelty-free. So by choosing vegan products, you are not only protecting your health, but you are also taking care of the environment and animals.

A small act of switching from a regular item to a vegan formula can make a big difference. And to encourage you to go vegan, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your vegan eyeliner once you’ve purchased it.

Types of cruelty-free eyeliner

To achieve a good definition in your makeup is important to have the right eyeliner. Luckily for you, vegan and cruelty-free eyeliners have a wide menu of options, so you can choose the right for you and get impressive results. Here is the list of options.


A cruelty-free eyeliner pencil is the easiest to use. This pencil helps you to achieve a perfect line for a flawless eyeliner finish. It is also convenient to use if you are looking for a smudged eyeliner look, as its creamy texture allows it to blend easily.


On the other hand, if you look for long-lasting makeup, liquid eyeliner will be the best option. This liquid product provides a precise definition of lines, it is the perfect eyeliner to achieve looks such as cat eyes, as it gives precision and durability.


The gel eye liner is somewhat similar to the liquid, both are long-lasting and leave a precise and clean makeup. However, one of the main differences is that with this product you must use an eyeliner brush. That is because the eye liner comes in a gel form. Some brands include the eyeliner brush, others do not. If you must buy it separately, be sure to opt for a vegan brand.


And to close these categories, we have the kajal pencil, also known as kohl. This pencil allows greater durability, and the result is a more intense black tone. Nowadays, kohl has a base of organic charcoal, dried fruit soot, or olive pits mixed with herbs and spices.

Each of these vegan and cruelty-free eyeliners comes in different colors, allowing you to play with the look. On the other hand, each of these eyeliners has different degrees of difficulty, if you are a beginner, it is best to go for the pencil model, as it will be easier to use, and you will have fewer mistakes using it.

If you think you can handle the difficulty of liquid eyeliner, then you can get a liquid or gel eyeliner. These will give you a more precise and professional finish. Lastly, if you want to experiment with deep black makeup, give kohl a try. Not many vegan beauty brands have it available, but ordering it online won’t be complicated.

Now that you know the types of vegan eyeliners, it’s time to learn the different makeups you can create, so you can start using your cruelty-free cosmetics.

Types of eyeliners

There are plenty of designs you can make with your vegan eyeliner, but if your search for a collection of the best ones, here you will find them in this list.


This style of makeup is a must in beauty routines, thanks to its thin line, it creates an elegant and simple look. It is recommended to use a pencil eyeliner for this makeup, as its creamy formula will help to highlight the eyelashes and at the same time achieve an impeccable line.


Wear two colors? Of course! A double eyeliner is the best alternative when you want to combine the shades of your clothes with your makeup. There’s something about colored eyeliner that will make everyone focus on your look. To achieve this look, we recommend using a combination of two liquid vegan eyeliners, colored and black. You can also use gel eyeliner.


This the most famous makeup look, this style gives the eyes a striking effect, and it works on all types of eyes. It can be a little difficult to do because its application is usually done with liquid eye liner, however, with practice, you will be able to do it.


Is it complicated? Yes, it is. Impossible? No! From the hand of the Egyptians comes this work of art made makeup. A style that can be used for gala parties or nights out, this makeup will make all eyes on yours. For this model, you can take a little risk and use kohl of any cruelty-free brand, so you can take advantage of its intense black and give a boost to your vegan look.


Something very common is to think that smokey eyes take plenty of product to achieve it, but that’s not so true. So don’t pay attention to comments about this makeup because, in this case, the less you apply, the more you will be doing. Take your vegan and cruelty-free pencil and draw a line on your eyelid, as if it were the classic model, now you just have to blend it, and that’s it!

Well, now you know the styles, and you are the one who chooses which ones are the greatest, but we know cat eyes are the trend these days. This is why we give you here some tips to achieve this makeup in the best way.

Tips for flawless cat eyes

It’s time to use some items a little outside of the cosmetics area, and although it may seem a little strange to you, trust us, nothing will help you more than the items on this list.

Adhesive tape

This is an item that if you search in your home, you’ll find it. To start, you should cut two pieces of tape and stick them on your face following the direction of the lower lashes, diagonally to the eyebrow.

Next, draw the lines with your cruelty-free product to make the cat-eye look without fear of going out because that’s what the tape is for. Finally, remove it, and you will see that it is perfect. It works with any shades, and you don’t need a long list of things to achieve it.

All comments about this method are positive, you just need to place the tape as indicated. Remember that on any beauty cosmetics website, you can order special masking tape for makeup.


All you need to do is to find in your home a hairpin and use the liquid eyeliner as a marker. Paint the part of the hairpin that opens, then place it on the eyelids corner to serve as a guide. It works with any shades and is easy to do since you only use two beauty cosmetics.


You won’t need many things here, all you have to do is use the beauty product as a marker again. Mark the end of the corner of the eyeliner with two dots. Then, using the dots as a guide, draw a line to the center of the eyelid and fill it in. This trick has good comments from its users, you can use it with different shades and colors.


You can use a little concealer to correct any mistakes. Just wait until the eyeliner has dried. Make sure both beauty cosmetics are cruelty-free.


Search in your home for a typical drugstore swab, and if you have made a mistake and one of the strokes has gone too low or is not symmetrical concerning the other eye. All you need to do is wet an ear swab with micellar water and wipe it over the part you want to correct. It leaves no residue, works with all shades, and removes the error. Once again, make sure that the beauty cosmetics you use are cruelty-free.

Dazzle everyone with your vegan and cruelty-free eyeliner

It doesn’t cost much to change your routine to a much greener lifestyle. Just change your beauty brand to a more vegan and cruelty-free one. You’ll have the same access to a wide cosmetics menu, with a long list of shades and types. The best part is that you can get them for a low cost at any drugstore, and you can even order online, and in a few days, the product will be in your mail.

Give them as gifts too, and tell your friends that all comments are true, the new way of looking at beauty is from a vegan point of view, and its benefits are unique for the environment and you.

Things can change, one vegan consumer at a time.