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One look is worth a thousand words, that’s why when using make-up, we always try to give special attention to the eyes. For this reason, mascara is one of the most used cosmetics in the beauty world.

Makeup brands are spending more and more time reformulating and improving their mascaras to create a more powerful impact on the lashes’ volume. And as part of these improvements, they are gradually coming out with vegan and cruelty-free mascaras.

So, if you’ve been thinking about changing your usual beauty routine for a more environmentally friendly one, you’ve come to the right place.

Today we tell you all about vegan mascaras, usage tips, formula benefits, and even which brush is best for your lashes.

Everything you need to know to start this journey in the vegan cosmetics world, one natural product at a time.

What does vegan mascara mean?

Like all vegan beauty products, vegan mascara is a cruelty-free cosmetic made with a natural formula. That means it has not been tested on animals, nor does it contain animal ingredients. Its formula’s mainly based on oils and vitamins, which keep your lashes healthy thanks to the lack of harsh chemicals.

Vegan mascara is a new way of looking at makeup and enhancing your lashes look with a vegan-friendly product.

Now that you know more about this vegan mascara, it’s time to take a closer look at its composition and learn more about its ingredients and benefits.

What to look for when buying vegan cruelty-free mascara

Before purchasing a vegan product, it is important to have adequate information to make your mascara options wider. And, since we are here to help you, we leave below a list with detailed information that will help you find the right mascara to make your lashes look stunning.


The first thing you should pay attention to when purchasing a vegan mascara is its formula, as this is the main reason that differentiates it from non-vegan products. Vegan mascaras are paraben-free, they do not contain animal products or other chemicals harmful to your eyes and health.

Instead, these vegan products are composed of natural mineral pigments and oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, and even cannabis oil. These natural oils help keep your lashes soft and stimulate growth, making them stronger and less likely to fall out.

This vegan mascara formula also has vitamins in its composition, such as vitamin e, vitamin b, and provitamin b5. All of these compounds come together to create a volumizing mascara that will give you a new, healthier makeup routine.

Many beauty brands also use other ingredients such as rice bran, besides the oil and vitamin b, creating the best vegan mascara. A natural item, PETA certified and ready to give you all the benefits of natural ingredients, free of chemicals and additives.

Cruelty-free certified

The cosmetics industry is well known for its constant test on animals, as well as, including animal products in their formula.

Vegan mascaras are the opposite, none of these products have been tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal by-products. The best cruelty-free vegan mascara consists of organic ingredients, such as coconut oil and vitamin e. They will usually have the PETA or other environmental organization’s seal of identification, ensuring that no animals were harmed in the manufacturing process.

Eco-friendly packaging

Moreover, to complete the green triad, one of the best things about cruelty-free vegan mascara is its recyclable packaging. It is made of recyclable materials, just like the brush which is usually made of organic and reusable compounds.

So, you won’t be polluting when you buy mascara.

The best brush shape for your lashes

Finally, you must take into account the type of brush, not only for its ecological manufacture but also for its shape, since the right brush will make your purchase a perfect acquisition. Here is a guide for you to know which one to take home.

Thick brushes

If you have big eyes and long lashes, you can safely use thick brushes. With this brush, you create more volume and density. You can use a lash curler beforehand for an even more intense effect.

Thin and straight brushes

These brushes give a natural and subtle look. You can also separate individual lashes nicely with this one.

Curved brushes

Curved brushes give your lashes more curl. Due to their shape, they bend the lashes upwards during mascara application and thus act as curlers. It adds volume and creates an extended optical effect in the lashes.

Pointed brushes

With this brush, you can reach even the smallest lashes and comb them. In this way, you get volume and precisely separated lashes.

Now that you know what to look for when buying a vegan cruelty-free mascara, you just need the right beauty tips to get the most out of this natural cosmetic. And, guess what, here they are.

How to apply mascara correctly?

Do you know how to apply mascara and achieve a stunning look? Try these tricks and obtain voluminous lashes that will make your eyes stand out.

Eyelash curler

Before the first coat of your vegan cruelty-free mascara, you should use the eyelash curler. Thanks to the curl the tweezers give to your lashes, you don’t need too much mascara to achieve a good effect. But, remember never to use the eyelash curler once you have applied the mascara. Doing so can break your lashes.

Eyelash brushes

It is also recommended to use an eyelash brush to separate and straighten the lashes before and after one coat of product. The brush also makes your eyelashes clump-free.

Cosmetic tissue

When the mascara is new, the brush can have too much product on it. That can cause smudges on your eyelid after the first coat, especially if it is a waterproof mascara. Use recyclable cosmetic tissues to gently wipe away the smudge, especially if you have sensitive eyes, because if you don’t do it gently, you may irritate the skin or the eye.

Zig-zag movements

To achieve a clump-free look, when applying the cruelty-free mascara, hold the brush parallel to the upper lashes and apply in gentle zig-zag movements from the lash line to the tips, you can also apply it to the lower lashes. It works perfectly with non-waterproof mascara.

Don’t let it dry!

If one coat of mascara is not enough for you, apply it a second time before the first coat dries. This way, you can be sure to get a clump-free look.

Ready to keep increasing the length of your eyelashes? Here are some tips to achieve more length and volume in your look.

Tips and tricks to use your vegan mascara

It doesn’t matter if you opt for a drugstore mascara or an online one, the important thing is to achieve the best volume and length, and with this information, you will be able to do it.

Dry mascara?

Even the best waterproof mascaras tend to get dry with time under any weather conditions, to avoid this, you can add eye drops. A little goes a long way to get your mascara working again and doesn’t affect the mascara formula.

Have you ever seen that little bottle printed on your mascara?

If you look for a little bottle printed on the back of your mascara, you can get information on how long your vegan, and cruelty-free mascara, can be used after opening. Generally, there are 3M or 6M for three to six months.

Brown mascara

Cruelty-free mascara has a variety of mascara options like black mascara and brown. This last color makes your lashes more visible and defines them without making you look too made-up.

Now, your vegan lengthening mascara adds volume, it has a waterproof version and organic formula, but why should you change your non-vegan items for vegan ones? We also have the answer to this, with the last updated information.

Why switch to vegan cruelty-free mascara?

One of the best benefits of cruelty-free mascara is its natural ingredients such as oil and vitamin b, this means that it does not use any additives or chemicals that can damage your lashes and cause health problems in the long run.

The best cruelty-free products take care of the environment and your health, and vegan mascaras do the same with their formula, not only do they offer you the best benefits of organic ingredients, but the vegan mascara adds volume, length, and beauty to your lashes.

Those are the main reasons to opt for this eco-friendly option. Search for the best vegan drugstore mascara or order it online, so you can start enjoying all the benefits that this sustainable alternative brings to you.

Ready to make your makeup routine vegan?

Now that you have all this information about cruelty-free mascaras, it’s time to achieve long-lasting volume and length in your lashes like never before. With its formula with coconut oil and vitamin b, this cosmetic will give your beauty routine a boost.

Whether in its waterproof version, 4 in 1 mascara, black, or brown version, the best vegan mascaras brands are waiting for you! Search now yours and get that length and long-lasting effect you’ve been looking for.